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Thomas Helbig

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Thomas Helbig
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  • Re: Are foundry initials an inherent part of a type family name?

    In cases of revivals I understand the need to differentiate between different releases of similar design or namesake. When some foundries do this as a matter of principle for all their releases then this kind of blunt force marketing seems so off-putting to me, personally. Some grocery chains have their own line of low budget bulk products under their own in-house brand... it feels like that.
    I like having a cluster of fonts of one foundry in the font menu.
    Just a matter of sorting I thought.
  • Re: Farro—a joyful, whimsical display typeface

    looks like something you can cut yourself with.
    i would say maybe a martial artsy vibe

    text example maybe not in blockstyle to determin word space.
    seems like it could be a tad larger.
    also sidebearings in generall in the paragraphs seems tight to me

    r seems awefully whide compared to the t
    the descender of the g could use some more space from the upper part
  • Collecting/sharing unusual symbol designs

    Hey guys!

    So i thought it might be fun to gather a couple of symbol designs that are somewhat unusual,
    would be nice if any of you would like to participate and share some "fundstücke"

    Heres a neat percentage sign i came across