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Ben Blom


Ben Blom
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  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    “Like” has been awarded a lot to posts which are supposed to be funny, but don’t help the discussion very much. I think there can be enough fun between the lines of serious posts. No need for “funny posts”, and the “Like” flag which rewards such posts.

  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    Making free fonts, facilitates to kill the market of paid fonts.

  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    Why did type designers lose?

    It’s the same as with Google Fonts and other big free font schemes.

    The bigger (in relative terms) the market of good quality free fonts becomes, the smaller (in relative terms) the market of good quality paid fonts becomes. It may not be a zero sum game—but the more good quality fonts become available for free, the less people are willing to pay for good quality fonts.

    So type designers who are dependent for their income on the market of good quality paid fonts, will loose out by the increased availability of good quality free fonts.

    The only way to prevent this to happen, is for type designers to show solidarity with their fellow type designers—i.e. not to collaborate with the creation of good quality free fonts. Therefore, it is in the long-term interest of all serious type designers, not to collaborate with any big free font scheme. So, fellow type designers: please don’t shit in your own nest.

    So indeed:
    To those who collaborated [by creating good quality free fonts]: mind the costs of making money.

    The short-term profit of a few, may cause the long-term loss of many.

  • Re: EULAs: No Modifications Clauses.

    Most inventors stand on the shoulders of earlier inventors. Most songwriters stand on the shoulders of earlier songwriters. Etc. Is that a reason to limit one’s rights to one’s invention, song, or...? A natural right to modify other people’s fonts, is just a pipe dream.

    Hrant H. Papazian: Taking advantage of legalisms (and the human nature of avoiding them, like not reading a EULA) to make more money and/or fan your “Don’t touch my Art!” ego is immoral.

    If this would be true, then this would be true too:

    Taking advantage of other people’s work to make more money by offering one’s service to modify other people’s work and/or fan a “Do touch other people’s work!” mantra, is immoral.

    I think both these statements are untrue. Perhaps there is a lot not to like in these statements—but there is no immorality to be seen in them.

  • Re: Dutch IJ with dots

    Artur, your examples may be more artsy—but, I’m afraid, a little too silly. To your second example, my response would be: Why this desire to connect things? The advantage of an unconnected “fi” ligature in the current context, is that it makes “f” and “i” visually look less connected, instead of more connected. This helps readers to see “ij” and “ie” more as “one thing”.

    So, whenever the design of a font would allow it, an unconnected “fi” ligature would be the best way to ligate the “f” while retaining the identity of “ij” as a letter.