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LeMo aka PatternMan aka Frank E Blokland


LeMo aka PatternMan aka Frank E Blokland
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  • Re: Stumped by Word 2011 Mac again...

  • Re: Tool for language support testing

    Unfortunately I am not as rich as Dave and hence I cannot offer OTM for free or convert it to a free online service. However, for those who cannot wait for Dave’s online tool to work and also could use some of the other functionality OTM offers, I will bravely and stubbornly remain committed to offering DTL’s flagship tool.
  • Re: Tool for language support testing

    As Pablo mentioned in January 2013, the language section of DTL OTMaster’s consistency checker provides an actual list of supported languages. This includes Cyrillic and much more.

  • Re: DTL OTMaster 5.0 released

    This short video on YouTube shows how I used DTL OTMaster to check the OpenType features of DTL Flamande. This typeface combines textura minuscules with roman capitals, besides Gothic majuscules. It was Plantin himself who combined Van den Keere’s ‘Grasses capitales de 3 regles mediane’ with the lowercase of the Canon Flamand in his Psalterium from 1571.

    The development of DTL Flamande started in 1992. That year Matthew Carter and yours truly were both speakers at the Didot seminar, which was organized by URW in Hamburg. During the event Matthew granted me the rights on his revival. Roughly 25 years later I invited German type designer Lukas Schneider, who holds a master’s degree from KABK’s TypeMedia and who successfully graduated at the Expert class Type design course in Antwerp, to enhance the character set. The full story can be read in the September 2017 edition of DTL’s NewsLetterNews.
  • Re: ‘Grand Cru Classés’ sprouting from Antwerp soil

    Under the approving eyes of Christoffel Plantin and his relatives, painted by Rubens and his peers, the Annual Academic Meeting of the Plantin Institute of Typography took place in the wonderful Museum Plantin-Moretus last Saturday. The internationally renowned and awarded Dutch typographer Irma Boom was the special speaker on the occasion.

    Seven Expert class Type design laureates received their diplomas: Diederik Corvers, Paula Mastrangelo, Britt Möricke, Benjamin Sporken, Daphne de Vries, Mark van Wageningen, and Channa Wijmans. We will see and hear more about them and their work in the near future, I reckon. After the ceremony the reception started in the room in which the students exhibit their projects.

    At the reception I gave a short talk in which I emphasized the enthusiasm and dedication of this year’s students, and the quality of the presented work. At the EcTd course in Antwerp research plays a very important role besides, of course, craftsmanship and technical insight. The course is far from easy and quite time consuming, but the students handled the tasks perfectly.

    BTW, the 2017–2018 course starts in November. In case you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.

    (photographs by Daphne de Vries and Paul Adriaensen)