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Kent Lew


Kent Lew
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  • Re: Approaching Kerning Groups or Classes

    Yes, ideally any splitting and filtering is handled as a pre-processing routine during compilation, leaving lumped classes intact in the master source for future design management and development.
  • Re: Horizontal stroke in Latin Extended characters

    Florian beat me to it with the C&C Big Caslon that Matthew was involved in extending.

    Sometimes I will make the cross stroke in Ħ slightly lighter than the others because of the more congested visual space that it typically occupies. This is especially true with heavier weights.
  • Re: Macron on Top

    Does it really matter? Isn’t ॡ a largely theoretical phoneme anyway? Are there really any Vedic or Classical words using this vowel? And then, are they ever written in all-caps? Is it even in Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī?

    Okay, maybe if you’re setting an all-caps grid of the transliterated Sanskrit alphabet . . . but really?

  • Re: Marking Copies of Fonts

    I did this once, on a lark. I was asked to donate gratis copies of Whitman for use by students only for projects within the context of a particular design course. I added specific extra points along the vertical edge of one serif of one of the capitals (in addition to a name mod).

    If I ever care to inspect some free font version roaming around out there and find these extra points, then I’ll know that it originated from that classroom.

    a) I’ll probably never bother to do that, and b) there won’t really be any practical recourse. But at least I’ll know where it came from.

    And I suppose I would then be able tell that instructor that his best efforts to impress upon his students the value of fonts and educate them against sharing will have failed.
  • Re: Strange printer spacing results

    Simon — Unfortunately, I don’t think jpg’d photos are enough for any of us to be able to definitively diagnose such problems. Plus, you’ve got a lot of variables; I think PDF may be adding another layer of potential complexity.

    Ain’t font technology fun?! ;-)