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Kent Lew


Kent Lew
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  • Re: Noob question about Chaining Contexts

    In Adobe FDK syntax, it is as simple as this:
    feature ordn {
    @th_nums = [zero four five six seven eight nine];
    sub @th_nums t' h' by t_h.ordn;
    } ordn;

  • Re: Approaching Kerning Groups or Classes

    Yes, ideally any splitting and filtering is handled as a pre-processing routine during compilation, leaving lumped classes intact in the master source for future design management and development.
  • Re: Designing workflow

    If hinting is the only issue that prompts the workarounds, then you might consider installing ttfautohint and just batch-hinting the first-generation TTF font files directly. (In which case, I should think that you can skip the step 3 decomposition.)
  • Re: Approaching Kerning Groups or Classes

    Is it useful to group letters across writing systems?
    From a design perspective, it can be useful, in order to simplify the synchronization of values.

    But from a production perspective, it can be valuable to have these split, for various reasons — e.g., to prevent enumeration of exceptions across writing systems, which just adds bloat (as Andreas alludes to).

    Different designers undoubtedly have different strategies for managing these conflicting paradigms.
  • Re: Horizontal stroke in Latin Extended characters

    Florian beat me to it with the C&C Big Caslon that Matthew was involved in extending.

    Sometimes I will make the cross stroke in Ħ slightly lighter than the others because of the more congested visual space that it typically occupies. This is especially true with heavier weights.