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Mark Simonson


Mark Simonson
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  • Illustrator and Photoshop both support OT variable fonts now

    I haven't installed and tried these out yet, just read the release notes. Both Illustrator and Photoshop support OT variable fonts now (October 2017 release). I also noted that Illustrator (at last!) supports stylistic sets.

    Illustrator CC release notes
    Photoshop CC release notes
  • Re: Is it ok to call a "typeface design" the UI of a font software program?

    When answering licensing questions, I tend to use the terms font (the name and associated visual appearance) and font file (the thing you install, i.e., the software). From the point of view of a font developer, font and font file are redundant, and we tend to use the term typeface for the first thing and font for the second thing. But colloquially, I think font and font file is how users think of it, or at least makes more sense to them if they haven't thought about it. Caring about the distinction between typeface and font has become an internet joke. Most users know what a file is on a computer, so I think it works, and is easier than trying to correct or educate multitudes of users.
  • Re: What are 'true italics'?

    Sounds like Steinert didn't take him seriously when he objected. Apologized later, but too late to change it.

    I think it's possible that this cursive sans italic trend will be looked back on as a fad. Particularly cases like this where existing designs are retrofitted with them.
  • Re: Weapon of choice

    I have been using the recent Apple mouse ("Magic Mouse") for quite a few years now without any issues. When I first got it, I got pains in my hand. I went back to the "Mighty Mouse" for a while, which I'd been using in some form since around 2000. But I got tired of the tiny little trackball needing to be cleaned and eventually switched back to the newer one. Except, on the second try, I didn't get any pain from it. Not sure what the difference was.

    Back in the nineties, I was getting pain in my arm from using a mouse (the old teardrop shaped Apple mouse). After trying some different things, I figured out that the problem was the height of my chair relative to desk surface. Even earlier I discovered that repetitious mouse dragging was a sure path to pain.

    I also get numb fingers when using a Wacom stylus. Interestingly, not with the Apple Pencil on an iPad.
  • Re: The Wolpe Collection

    An issue of that is shown in the video at about the 6 minute mark.