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  • Re: When did the "Serif vs. Sans" derby started?

    The original Mac system included a serifed font, New York. It was the default in many of the included apps, such as Note Pad, MacWrite, even the Calculator. It was kind of a low-res bitmapped interpretation of ITC Garamond, Apple's corporate typeface at the time.

    The default was changed to Geneva (a sans serif) in one of the early system updates. I don't know what the reason for the change was, but I don't think anyone complained.

    I remember thinking it was kind of cool and didn't find it hard to read.

    All of this was before the use of outline fonts on-screen.

    It might be interesting to note that the default font in web browsers was (maybe still is) Times. The early web was Times all the time.
  • Re: Scripts needed?

    The same people who do Font Squirrel also do Fontspring, which is their commercial arm. Behind the scenes it uses the same webfont generator as Font Squirrel.

    Font Squirrel can also be used to generate webfonts with commercial fonts if the license allows it. Some commercial font producers even recommend this instead of providing the webfonts themselves.
  • Re: Why FontCreator hardly used by professionals?

    Quadratics can have as many off curve points if you want

    Strictly speaking, quadratic Bézier curves only have one off-curve point.

    But with TrueType curves, you can specify more than one because the interpreter is able to reconstruct the missing on-curve points between them. A TrueType curve segment with multiple off-curve points actually consists of multiple quadratic Bézier sections. It's clever because it reduces the number of points you need to store in the font.
  • Re: Graphology

    I had no idea that rationalism was such a force here considering that we spend so much of our time deliberating on the beauty of a curve and how we feel about groups of them.

    Well, the techniques by which we create those curves depend on reason. Reason and emotion go hand in hand. It's what I like about type design.

    There was a study a few years ago that looked at people who had damage to the part of their brain that generates emotions. They appeared to be normal, but had no emotions. And they were unable to make decisions.
  • Re: How much % is fair to pay to reseller companies?

    Please, don't use the word "commission". Font distributors don't take commissions, they pay royalties on sales of licenses. Sales people working for font distributors might get a commission (meaning: a percent of the distributor's share of the sale price as an incentive to sell more licenses), but the distributor's net income after paying royalties is not a commission. It's just their net income. Calling it a commission is incorrect and confusing. 

    Sorry for going off-topic. This just really bugs me.