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Andreas Stötzner

Hello Paul, I just chimed in with a comment … Generally I would encourage you to do it but don’t expect the big business with medievalist folks. Greetings from Leipzig, A. Stötzner


Andreas Stötzner
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  • Re: MUFI question

    I’m not a medievalist myself but I have done much research and font work upon medieavist and linguistics-related characters. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be a worthwhile project to provide these scholar groups with well-equipped fonts in the style similar to Times or Caslon. I’m pretty sure that some potential users would welcome such a choice – for which John’s Brill is a very good option already.
  • Re: An accurate Vietnamese alphabet?

    I’m not sure wether this is relevant for Bible texts but anyhow, make sure you include the dong sign, for complete language support.
  • Re: Type Network

    Congratulations, Mark.
    I have recently applied for membership and wait for response.
  • Re: Replace ß by smallcap eszett or smallcap ss?

    I circumvent this cumbersome glyph-substitution business, still, with regard to small caps. I do the small caps as a seperate font (yes the old-school way) because I like to keep things simple and straightforward. In the sc font, the position of lowercase ß gets a small cap ẞ glyph. That’s logical and no one complains.
  • Berthold bullies competing font producers – report here when you’re hit by them

    On request by Berthold Direct Corp. (Chicago) Myfonts has excluded my font Popelka from sales on Dec. 30, 2016. Berhold’s claim is, according to J. Collins of MyFonts, “that the name sounds confusingly similar to Berthold's trademark for Poppl”. I regard this action being unjust and harassing and I have informed MyFonts that I demand my font being put back alive to sales.
    As it turns out, Berthold seems to have conducted more such affairs over the past years against other parties. If you’re a type designer or company having faced such intimidating behaviour, please report your story here and now. It is important to stop this kind of agression in the type industry. We need to ally and join forces to make this known to a wider design affine public audience.
    If you’re a blogger or news person, feel free to pick up this story and spread the word.