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Andreas Stötzner

Hello Paul, I just chimed in with a comment … Generally I would encourage you to do it but don’t expect the big business with medievalist folks. Greetings from Leipzig, A. Stötzner


Andreas Stötzner
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  • Re: Home office vs. office

    I used to work at home many years. Now I have a little office in the city and I’m pretty happy with that I can make a move and change place.
  • Re: Is the term ‘foundry’ a proper name for digital companies?

    Please don’t mix up: font comes from [lat.] fons (wellspring, fountain); foundry comes from [lat.] fundere (to found something, to lay a base or ground for something). Two different things.

  • Re: Kaffeebohne Display

    there are some serious flaws e.g. in a, e, c, k, s, v, w, y, x, z, they just won’t work that way. My recommendation: to study thoroughly some classical typeface first, (Bodoni, Didones), and then turn back to your draft.
  • Re: MyFonts and families

    I’m under the impression that the scenery is about to change these days, more rapidly than the three years before. The problems are not new. MF seems to aim at becoming the world’s clearance house for font sales, working more and more on pushing masses rather than focussing on quality and value for money. They are working on destruction of the market. Not to mention recent random experiences with getting bullied by dinosaurs who seem to have them in their hands, more or less. - There will be alternatives (there are some already) for us indie fontists, I trust. I think the days of MF are counted.
  • Re: Berthold bullies competing font producers – report here when you’re hit by them

    I’m not sure I can answer your questions comprehensively. MF puts the ™ sign on the names of all new fonts being uploaded. But note the difference between “trade mark” and “Registered trade mark”. Economically it would not make much sense to register Popelka as a font name. And actually Berthold might contact me about this problem first, not MF. That is the odd thing: they use MF as a stooge to act against me on their behalf, and MF takes over this part submissively.