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Jens Kutilek


Jens Kutilek
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  • Re: Redrawing a geometric sans for text use

    When we designed FF Mark, the standard version was very geometric and felt too wide for text use (though German magazine Page uses it successfully for short texts). Later, condensed versions were added to FF Mark and we thought the slightly condensed FF Mark Narrow was the best choice for text.
  • Re: [OTVar] Next step for variable fonts: process for registering design variation axes

    @Peter Constable
    Should axes name carry more semantics? For example, `wght` axis should cause all the glyphs' advance width monotonically increasing along the `wght` value.
    While unusual, there are typefaces in which the advance width decreases as the weight increases. Yanone Kaffeesatz is one example. In uniwidth typefaces like my own FF Hertz, the advance width doesn’t increase at all.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    I can't speak for the authors of the OFL, but it seems to me that if a user obtains a font binary under the OFL, they can pretty easily load it into their font editor and carry on.
    I have seen some pretty complex Glyphs and VFB source files, so I tend to disagree on that. For example, with FF Real all 26 styles of the initial upright release came from one Glyphs file with various glyph replacements and tracking applied via custom parameters.

    If source files are not available, it’s quite hard to make consistent changes to a full font family. You would have to re-engineer composites, outline compatiblity, find out the masters, interpolation values ... first The interpolation masters may not even correspond to any one of the published fonts. Plus manual hinting is lost when you edit TTFs etc.
  • Re: Web Fonts Guide

    Can we please drop EOT and TTF from the webfont formats already? :) Especially TTF is not needed for anything. If a client absolutely targets obsolete Android devices, they will know they need TTF and ask for it.
  • Re: FontLab Studio and High Sierra

    I hope you all got your exit strategy in place. Next year, with macOS 10.14, FontLab Studio 5 will not run at all because 32 bit applications will be obsolete.