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Jens Kutilek


Jens Kutilek
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  • Re: Marking Copies of Fonts

    In steganography, information is hidden for example in images or audio files. The least significant bit of an image pixel or an audio sample can be used to encode a piece of additional data.

    Applied to fonts, you could put in a @yanone logo with a rough outline, and the point positions would differ slightly in each sold font. Only you would know the original outline and be able to extract the information encoded in the point coordinate differences.
  • Re: How to make a font in 9 hours

    The video reminded me of my own first steps in a font editor about 20 years ago. But back then it wasn’t so easy to record everything and make a fool of yourself in front of the whole world.

    Publishing video tutorials on Youtube may be a culture we don’t understand. I know when my nephew was  10, he looked up anything he wanted to do with an application in video tutorials, even "how to install a font in inkscape" and "how to scale an image in gimp". People on Youtube thank others for their cool tutorials, so there may be a pressure (attention economy)  to do your own tutorials when you move inside this scene.
  • Re: MyFonts and families

    Why does FF Din have that particular price? It is significantly higher than other FF releases.
    I think the MyFonts prices for FF DIN are actually a mistake. As you can see, the OT and Pro version have the same price.

    On the price for one style of FF DIN OT is €59, which is quite standard for FontFonts. The FF DIN Pro styles are more expensive at €85 (which probably is equal to MyFonts’ $95), but then it has a vastly more extensive character set than the OT version, including Latin Extended, Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese with a total of 1,643 glyphs.

    The MyFonts "DIN Complete Family Pack" makes no sense at all, as it contains both the OT and the Pro versions of the fonts.
  • Re: OpenType labels in software

    In GlyphsApp, it is even simpler: just write "Name: Your feature name" in the lower right section of the font info window.

    (But it also works the other way)
  • TrueType-based fonts and post table version 3.0

    A word of warning ...

    It’s really tempting to switch the post table version to 3.0, which then doesn’t store any glyph names in the font, saving file size especially for web fonts.

    But for TrueType-based fonts (also packaged in WOFF, WOFF2), doing this will prevent the macOS autohinting from doing its job. Fuzzy contours and uneven stem weights are the result.

    I was reminded of this after wondering why some fonts from a well-known monopolist didn’t look very good in the browser.