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Jens Kutilek


Jens Kutilek
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  • Re: A better "version" of an existing typeface

    I’d say it also depends on what your plans are for your redesigned typeface. If you have a design project you would like to use the original typeface for, but can’t because of its shortcomings, I’d say it’s fine to make your own version of it. But if you want to release it commercially, and thereby ‘attacking’ the original design’s market share directly, I’d be really cautious.

    Contacting the original designer may be a good option. Perhaps they would be happy to have someone improve an old design of theirs (if they agree with your assessment of the typeface’s faults).
  • Re: Marking Copies of Fonts

    In steganography, information is hidden for example in images or audio files. The least significant bit of an image pixel or an audio sample can be used to encode a piece of additional data.

    Applied to fonts, you could put in a @yanone logo with a rough outline, and the point positions would differ slightly in each sold font. Only you would know the original outline and be able to extract the information encoded in the point coordinate differences.
  • Re: Units per em

    File size increase for my Guru Italic font with 2,893 glyphs (and 1,265 composites) is as follows:


    2048 funits/em = 916 KB (938,232 bytes)
    4096 funits/em = 940 KB (962,928 bytes)
    8192 funits/em = 959 KB (982,232 bytes)
    Are these different fonts using the same amount of points? I know for example that FontLab Studio 5 adds more off-curve points in a TrueType conversion the higher the upm is.

    For Mac OX, 1,000 funits/em is recommended. Apparently, there's a bug that affects PDF output for fonts with different funits/em values.
    That was in the first version of Mac OS X 10.10, and I believe has been fixed in 10.10.1 or 10.10.2. Oh, I see I was mentioned in that forum entry ;)
  • Re: Where is Typekit Marketplace?

    It’s right there for me, no redirection to another page.
  • Re: TrueType-based fonts and post table version 3.0

    Oh, you can mess it up by using post table version 3. Will post some screenshots when I get home.