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Paul van der Laan

Dat zijn rare foutmeldingen. Probeer inderdaad eerst de andere packages opnieuw te installeren. Als dat niet helpt kan ik je mijn kopie van RF sturen, die werkt prima onder FontLab 5.1.4 (4868) en Yosemite.


Paul van der Laan
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  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    Scott-Martin Kosofsky said:
    hire an attorney.
    Maybe Frank Martinez, since from what I've learned he recently advised another party concerning a JvK revival.
    Excellent advice. Hire an expensive American lawyer for a dispute between two non-US parties.
  • Re: Webfont test suites or validation tools, which ones are there

    It is a question of making correct TTF/OTF fonts in the first place. If these are tested, tried, and validated then there won't be a problem with the resulting WOFF/WOFF2 files.

    We spend a lot of time making sure our desktop fonts are thoroughly tested, and this includes the use of MS Font Validator (among others) and testing on multiple platforms. If they are correct then making web fonts is only a matter of using a converter such as Sfntly.

    If people complain about the extra work that comes with making webfonts then they probably do not have good source fonts to starts with.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    SiDaniels said:
    Curious, why do the sources have an exclusivity period?
    There is no exclusivity period. The word “exclusivity” implies that there is a deliberate decision to withhold something in order to gain an advantage, usually in a financial way. And that is absolutely not the case.

    The IBM Plex project started a long time ago, and did not start as a shared project on a GitHub repository in the first place. Instead the project was carried out on our own internal production system which is completely tailored to our own preferences and uses scripts and tools that are not all open source.

    When the decision was made to open source IBM Plex we got in touch with a number of people with experience in that field – including Dave Crossland – and decided that we want to do this properly. Comparable to how the people at Adobe Type have published the Source family for instance. However, this means that we need to make sure our source files can be compiled using open source software and that the resulting font files are 100% identical to the ones that come out of our production system. That transition is what we are working on.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    I can confirm (as I already did on GitHub) that we will make the IBM Plex source files available for everyone. This will happen in the course of 2018.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    More info about the IBM Plex project has been added to our website: