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Ofir Shavit


Ofir Shavit
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  • Hi, I think it is a nice first font as an exercise, even though it might be too much of a challenge to achieve a good result in first attempt, since the simplest is often the hardest. Looking at a typeface we examine the appeal and harmony of the …
  • Miles Newlyn said:  I could jot messily or I could slow down and write with care. When doing so I've noticed that there is something deeper going beyond... At the very core of it, what you describe here is a certain expansion of consci…
    in Graphology Comment by Ofir Shavit May 15
  • Re(a)sonance, it is all about resonance...
    in Graphology Comment by Ofir Shavit May 11
  • Science can't even kern! It will "flatten" and transcend everything to nothing easily... in the "hands" of those, human beings
    in Graphology Comment by Ofir Shavit May 11
  • Obviously we owe a lot to science, but with all do respect, science has a lot of "bad sides" too, especially when it is in the service of political agendas, but not just, science is such a good political agent because it is very limited and very nar…
    in Graphology Comment by Ofir Shavit May 10
  • My own take on the subject (based on some knowledge in graphology among the rest) is that, first, any conscious practice and development is spiritual practice, for "spirit" is consciousness. Secondly, I think that the therapeutic effectiveness of ha…
    in Graphology Comment by Ofir Shavit May 10
  • Thanks all.  There's so much more to do and develop with this font I guess I had to clear it of my desk and release it. Just to do some other things as well.
  • Hi, Me and @Russell_McGorman are about to start another 1 month long Online type design course with Fontark this May. This is is the description of last year's course, the new one will be quite similar. Send me a message here if you're interested a…
  • Released - 3 weights, 1 free. Thanks all for the support!!! link
  • Few things I've noticed (UC only) ... A' leaning a bit to the right. C' bottom terminal too tight. J' hook to improve. N' might be too wide and stems not equal in thickness, diagonal maybe too thin. S' spine curves are too sharp, top part "shifts" …
  • 1927, wow. It looks so modern.  There are plenty of works made in such styles, it is always a question whether to research (and how much) or jump into the water right away?
  • Thanks Paulo, it takes it's time. Looking forward to see you advance with your typeface!
  • Played a bit with it, the B' and R' seems to me like a good direction to work with the K'. The more you play with it the better you understand the language and find clean solutions. It is by far much easier and efficient to do it with FA than Illust…
  • Hi Paulo, and welcome. You have a nice start, good first typeface practice, and cool inspiration source. I will split my comment to the technical and the styling/design aspects... On the technical side, it seems that your letters are not aligned …
  • This is not an effect, it is FA basic way of work in real time, plus per node control over the outline nodes to perform optic corrections and desired adjustments while the skeleton remains editable.
  • Obviously Fontark. Launch it in your browser (No OS dependency, no installation) Set the Outline width to 10 units.  With this curves complexity you can ignore the SX system, and draw each glyph independently.  For each node on the original path …
  • Graphic test
  • Latin 1, normal and all-caps. Eszett?
  • Thanks!
  • Something like that?
  • Should the Thorn be designed according to the Pp, or in case of an extreme design be defined as a self standing letter form?
  • Scaling with Fontark is executed on the skeleton while the outlines are calculated and regenerated in real time, that means that the "stroke's" integrity never damages by scaling and proportions modifications, including optical corrections, contrast…
  • Thanks Christian! I must say it's cute with narrower LC. Later on I'll make a video to show you how easy and fast it is to make these modifications and tests with Fontak.
  • Got back to it today, added some slabs and tweaked a bit.  Now I'm testing the width of the counters, x-height and the relation to the vertical letters (e' c' s') 1 - Small x-height, e'c's' at x-height 2 - Larger x-height  3 - e'c's' larger than x-…
  • @Jens Kutilek The o' (in 'from') is centred, and the only-down letters are u'v'w'y' which will rarely form a word, but alternates and contextual alternates will surely be useful here. Final adjustments before leaving the typeface for a while... Enl…
  • Switched the N'M' back backwards too.
  • Ok, thanks for all your helpful comments! I have scaled down the LC, but only on the y axis and spaced up a bit, it might still be too wide.  Centred the punctuation and started working on the digits as well... (Check the pdf too)
  • Samuil Simonov said: Very, very interesting. This /o reminds me of some Moscow Metro station fonts, but I think it should be mixed with the smaller /o and perhaps /c could be sometimes enlarged as well when not next to each other. I wonder how…
  • And a test with enlarged o'