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Mark Record


Mark Record
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  • PANOSE is important for any designer/programmer who has enough knowledge of python to think "I can probably script this!" and emerges days later with 800 lines of worthless code and a deep anger at the spec. Welcome to the club.
  • We tag our web fonts. The order number is included in a namerecord similar to how Font Squirrel does it. We've found it useful for checking to see if a website is using a properly licensed font, or for diagnosing font problems (i.e. customer made s…
  • We've been dealing with the Word2016 line spacing problem. Older versions of Word display and print using the usWin ascender/descender values.  But in Word 2016, text is displayed using the sTypo ascender/descender/lineGap, but then printed using us…
  • I prefer to keep one foot behind in terms of supported formats.  We only recently ditched ttf/svg and are currently delivering eot/woff/woff2. Large/global corporations still receive the whole kit (eot/woff/woff2/ttf/svg) since they're usually suppo…
  • Wei Huang said: Where all the homebrew packages still there? And why did you have to move items to the /local/bin? Yes, all the homebrew packages were still in /usr/local/ and /usr/local/bin. I had installed some packages to /bin which is w…
  • I upgraded a few weeks ago with no problems.  The upgrade process took longer on my work computer than my home computer. Probably because it had to churn through a crapload of ufos.  Robofont, Metrics Machine and FontLab work just fine. Like Jens …
  • WOFF and EOT cover just about everything so it's not a big deal to leave out TTF and SVG. (caniuse WOFF/EOT). A few foundries are already doing that. The biggest hurdle is the customer who wants a TTF they can install and use in Photoshop mockups.
  • I've got the same thing, Pieter. Using FL 5.1.4 4868.
  • Update: FontBook cannot install Type 1 fonts I ran FontNuke and Type 1 fonts display in Adobe apps & Word. Font Book only installs the suitcase file, but not the printer file. The font still does not work if you copy the printer file to the Fo…
  • Sorry I'm late to the party. No problems with FontLab or RoboFont. Thank you to Ben for the tip about the site-packages (bonus Thank You to Time Machine). I'm noticing some weird issues with Type 1 fonts. Installing a font via FontBook will only …