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Ray Larabie


Ray Larabie
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  • It's always nice to see a mainstream article about type that's not just about Comic Sans or Helvetica.
  • But in real texts, hardly any Latin v or e comes after a Greek Lambda … If I add Lambda, Delta, Alpha and Cyrillic A to the A group, I've added zero kerning pairs. Sure, I'll never need to kern Lambda against v* but I've saved all those other kern…
  • I make left and right groups for glyphs with identical or very similar sides. For example: "A_left" includes all Æ glyphs, Delta, Lambda and Æ. "A_right" same as left but with Alphatonos and no Æ. I name them left and right because that makes more …
  • 1: Before I quote, I send a test font with 3-4 glyphs. The client suggests revisions, we go back and forth until the client is satisfied with the design. Occasionally I'll do a quick interpolation test so they client can decide how many weights they…
  • One reason you're having difficulty with this typeface is that it's a difficult project. While imitating a centuries old style isn't the hardest thing in the world, you're trying to add you own creative twist to it. But what you're discovering, as I…
    in Rue Charon Comment by Ray Larabie May 15
  • The O Make the thick parts a little thinner and make the curve slightly less square. It's probably the same thickness as the left side of the C but with this kind of typeface. Logically, an O can be created by mirroring the C or D but usually doesn'…
    in Rue Charon Comment by Ray Larabie May 14
  • Now that FontCreator supports both curve types, the only critical component that's might be missing is interpolation. Is that correct? I don't think it's capable of axial interpolation. An aspiring type designer will eventually get to a point where …
  • I think some glyphs are quirky and fun and others look plain and staid. If this were my project, I'd scrap the lowercase. The lowercase doesn't make a lick of sense. I like BDGKNRSTUZ. If you make the other letters match that style, you'll end up wi…
    in Rue Charon Comment by Ray Larabie May 12
  • Assuming the bitmaps are ready to go in Photoshop, I run everything through Scanfont 3.13 which autotraces the entire font in a few seconds. Then I spend an hour or two rearranging and aligning with the original non-textured typeface on the mask lay…
  • I really think it should be aligned with the dot. But that's because I don't know what it might collide with on the left. Unless you can locate some Sanskrit transliteration samples, there's no telling what might slam into that thing. I suppose if i…
  • How about tools for color fonts?  Some tools exist but not too many.
  • Thanks. All of a sudden it's working; I'm not sure why it didn't work before. …I would strongly recommend changing the second line above to 0x0061 !A What effect does that have on FontLab? Is it just good form?
  • Anyone know a trick to get automatically double encode in FontLab Studio 5? I have a custom name table with double encodes but I doesn't work when I try generate Unicode the values get blanked out. My allcaps.nam is formatted like this:
    0x0041 …
  • Question 7: Hammer, saw, screwdriver, plane, drill, clamp, sandpaper Which tool would you use to make furniture?
  • Windows PostScript myth: busted! Am I the only one who's heard this tall tale or am I the sole recipient of this bullshit? Also: I heard that Windows 2.1 vector fonts can be used as effective homeopathic remedies.
  • Agreed about vinyl audio. But I thought there was a difference in the maximum UPM for Windows Postscript. That was never a thing?
  • Would any of the typedesigners, active on this blog, design a chromatic typeface... I'm waiting for the next TransType update before I do any more with color, apart from continuing to make separate layer styles.
  • I'd like to see that just for curiosity's sake.
  • I sell through Typekit and the top traditional platforms. The increase in income I've received from subscription services is far greater than the decrease in income from traditional platforms. I can't detect any sales drop in web fonts because I joi…
  • @John Hudson It's a family of 6 fonts. I'm probably going with CC0 and anyone making variations or derivative fonts will be free to release it themselves under whatever license they want. OFL doesn't seem to fit because there's a unique symbol set …
  • I'm not sure what the difference between captions and subtitles is. I've never looked into that. I'd also like to know. Is this research all made by you or you learned it via other resources? It was my own research and I didn't have a budget to wo…
  • I've designed a typeface based on FCC closed caption specifications. There were some aspects that I didn't have control over. The closed caption specs were mandated by the US government and I don't know how they determined those. The monospaced, se…
  • Color is the already new #0000FF underlined*. Color is already commonly used to indicate links; even on this forum. Using color to indicate other types of emphasis other than links would be confusing. The reader would have to remember that new li…
  • "fewer support emails" Sold!
  • ♾ What's permanent paper? 267E permanent paper symbol.
  • There was a time when slanting mathematical symbols was work. Now it's more work, not to slant them.
  • It's so corny, isn't it? I try to use font company if I can. Or at the very least, roll my eyes and say foundry sarcastically. Maybe throw some air quotes while I'm at it.
  • Why would one manually decompose components before exporting fonts? 180° rotated components such as () [] {} <> «» ‹› \/ EƎ eə !¡ ?¿ I use x-100,y-100 scale for these and decompose before final export.
  • Here's a closeup of the Vietnamese fall-back in Windows 10 Chrome. It limits the conversation. I'd prefer to see a system font so more languages can be supported. Yes, this is an English forum but we're often discussing characters which aren't.
  • Is it possible to obfuscate a web font specimen, using simple cipher? A=G B=W C=X etc. I wouldn't propose doing that on the web for non-specimen use because that's awful. But if you're just using it to displaying a specimen, the words contained in t…