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Ben Kiel
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  • George: Sorry for the slow reply — was on vacation. My mistake on thinking that FLVI had Robofab built in, I misremembered the line “Python (APIs compatible with FontLab Studio and RoboFab)” from the FontLab site. RoboFab works for me in FLVI (simp…
  • George — Ah, I should have asked what you are trying to do. Two issues here: 1. A application needs to write a wrapper for fontParts (unless you are using it on the command line, then the included fontshell works there). FontLab VI —to my knowlege—…
  • Ramiro — this is an issue with pip, you need to upgrade pip. See https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/installing/
  • George, it should. Not sure why it would say defcon[pens] was lacking, but as long as you have fontPens installed, you should be good (pip install fontpens)
  • George: sounds like you may be running setup.py for release, not install. To install font parts, it's much easier to use pip: pip install fontparts This has the advantage of also installing the dependencies for fontParts.
  • For future reference/google/others: @Mike Duggan kindly pointed out that there is a "Disable Outline Modification" option (Tools / Options / Autohinter tab / Disable Outline Modification) in VTT. One note is that this option will reset when you open…
    in VTT v6.0 Comment by Ben Kiel February 12
  • @Rob McKaughan I've also found an issue with the Light Latin auto hint adding a point way to the left of a glyph in 6.20. Email me if you want a test case (ben benkiel.com)
    in VTT v6.0 Comment by Ben Kiel February 12
  • Post RoboFog, FontLab added a scripting layer (sometime in the lifetime of version 4 I think—others have a better idea then I do here). Previously it had no way of scripting. This layer (you can read the never-quite-official official doc here: http:…
  • Georg Seifert said: One thing I would not do is installing my own Python. That messed up my setup quite a bit the last time I tried.  This. Installing a new python on OS X is a road to heartache/burn. (Installing Python 3 excepted here, …
  • Seems like your problem has shifted: now the question is where did you install fontTools from? I've not tracked this of late, but it's very possible that fontTools has shifted where it is now putting AreaPen, hence the error.
  • @Ramiro Espinoza actually, I was wrong about Prepolator — I was pretty sure it did, but I'm not seeing it now.
  • If it's helpful, this will set a the useTypoMetrics bit to false for a folder of fonts: https://github.com/Typefounding/setUseTypoMetricsFalse
  • For the issue I had, both for screen and printing turning off the use_typo_metrics flag fixes the line spacing issue.
  • I just ran across a user issue with setting this bit when hhea and typo are different (which is how I usually set things so that Word doesn't clip accents — there is no tech support email like the tech support email when the dieresis is clipped from…
  • Max Phillips said: But "Design what you'd like to see" doesn't mean "design something no one's ever seen." Outside of type design, but in the realm of typography, this semester's teaching mantra has been: "Perhaps there is a reason you'…
  • I think that TTX isn't the right tool for this; it's couple of lines of python in most editors. In Robofab lingo: font = CurrentFont() for glyph in font:     print glyph.name + ': ' + str(glyph.box[2] - glyph.box[0])
  • Ramiro, I would check what unicode value your h.sc has. It should have none, but it it has the one for h (0068), that's what the issue is. The sc glyphs have the lc unicodes, so when you type a lowercase letter you get the sc form.
  • The github version, which is the most current (download link here: https://github.com/robofab-developers/robofab/archive/master.zip) will solve this, but know that you need to be sure that you install it for the version of python that FontLab is usi…
  • Because aalt is there to provide access to alternate glyphs, I find it much better to just be explicit about these things and write out the "sub x from [x];" syntax for the feature, instead of using the include feature. If you're using a sane glyp…
  • The key is often the class-kerning exceptions and their subsequent enumeration. This. You can have a lot of kerning with GPOS kerning, but be very careful if you have large numbers of glyphs in groups that have class kerning exceptions, this can bl…
  • For those seeing things like what Rainer got, you are on a more recent version of TTX. You can either put the signature in programtically like so (this needs more to run, it is just a method that takes in a TTFont, but if you get this, then you'll g…
  • Jack: I'm not sure what is most helpful at this point. Things are fairly stable currently. There's the ticketing any bugs you've run into. I should say that discussion of development and questions happens mostly on the mailing list, http://groups.go…
    in Python 3 Comment by Ben Kiel July 2013
  • The RoboFab developers have recently moved the codebase to GitHub (https://github.com/robofab-developers/robofab). Work is happening for UFO3 in the UFO3k branch, a reworking of the documentation is happening in the documentation branch. If someone …
    in Python 3 Comment by Ben Kiel July 2013