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Titus Nemeth


Titus Nemeth
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  • Thanks for your reply Georg, this tallies with my information from a few years ago. It was specific to the AFDKO, so makes sense that it applies to Glyphs as well.
  • I don't have an actual implementation problem, the question is of a more fundamental concern: is it better (safer) to define kerning classes as I've outlined above (before running into problems), or has this become irrelevant (because of better comp…
  • Thank you for all your insights! From a cursory view, it seems as if most designs in which they have differing heights aim for the dashed line effect. Then there are those with identical heights, which seems like the default solution. And then there…
  • That's a good explanation for the legacy practice, but are contemporary designs that change their height also following this somewhat obsolete idea?
  • Hi all, and thank you for your comments. I agree that the input should be reflected most directly, and am glad about the confirmation that Unicode normalisation should not be seen as prescribing glyph processing. I have been including the two…
  • Mostafa, you did not upset me. And thanks for your second, more measured comment. But the question is not whether Nassim is nice or not, and the article I pointed out to you is not as general as you make it sound: it's Persian native readers saying …
  • For completeness' sake, I thought that this article might be interesting for people who appreciate a second opinion / perspective. The creative director of the Persian VOA site is thus quoted: "The new Persian VOA site (as shown in the graphic abo…
  • Mostafa, let me introduce myself, I'm Titus Nemeth, I've designed Nassim. Of course I'm interested in your remarks. Nassim has been chosen by the BBC, and developed into multiple, slightly different versions to cater specifically to the different l…