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Rob Barba


Rob Barba
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Megami Studios
Winchester VA
Web Site
https://www.megamistudios.com / https://www.incstonedesign.com
@Megami_Studios / @incstone
[email protected]


  • Adam King said: Hey @Christian Thalmann, have you seen the application called Inkscape? It's free and open source. I've never used it so I can't speak to how well it works but it seems like it might help you a bit? And as far as customizing a glyph…
  • Correct.
  • @Christian Thalmann check to see if you have font vice fonts (plural) in your URL.  If it's the latter, those are the old page designs that are being phased out.  To see the new pages, just remove the s.
  • Hrant H. Papazian said: I'm curious, what software can reliably deploy bitmap fonts these days? The one I've seen used most by indie game devs is Pentacom's BitFontMaker.  There's also Font Generator (though that's really more of a co…
  • AbrahamLee said: Rob Barba said: For Linux designers, well, I haven't come across any, Careful now. We do exist. Okay, then I can say I know one now.  
  • I've found that it's critical to test your fonts in the three main OS environments (Windows, Mac, and Linux).  People get to used to designing it for "their system" and forget about the other two, which leads to problems down the road. For Mac user…
  • Never mind, I think I might have figured it out.  @kushjain94, is your font using legacy Mac data?  It might help.
  • Okay, I just tried to upload my newest fonts and I have to agree, something is wrong with Prosper.  Prior to doing so, I had my friend with the Mac run it through the paces and the fonts had no issue.  However, Prosper is reporting that the fonts wi…
  • Vasil Stanev said: Is the name appropriate? I based it on "moxy". I tend to avoid non-English names for branding reasons. Moxie particularly comes to mind when you said that.
    in Moxic Comment by Rob Barba March 13
  • Sorry, I should've been clearer: basically, the quotes would be in regards to how you view or how you are impacted by font theft, e.g. how much time is wasted by you playing DMCA whack-a-mole, any demoralizing feelings by having your work just tosse…
  • Dave Crossland said: I wonder if Type Network and Fontstand would be willing to rerun the survey on their customers? It's possible I could also arrange for Google Fonts to rerun it there too. Does anyone know who runs DaFont? Not just …
  • Kemie Guaida said: I have a wordpress plugin that semi automates the process of sending dmca notices (you paste in the urls, the notices get sent automatically), but it's stopped working lately I wish they had one of those for Joomla.
  • It's a fascinating read!  Thanks for sharing. I'd like to see more data on font purchases.  For example, 47% people who only use free fonts think that fonts are too expensive, yet the number virtually halves when we move up to 1 - 10 fonts purchase…
  • I think I'd rather spend more time working on making the sarcasm mark actually relevant and part of daily usage before working on the exclamation comma, but that's just me.
  • Ray Larabie said: 3 days once. If it's the site I'm thinking of, they rip the web font, the metadata and promo graphics directly from MyFonts. In my case above, they obtained it from Creative Fabrica.  I can tell simply because CF made …
  • James Puckett said: Ralph Smith said: Just released new fonts to a well know distributor a few days ago. No sales yet but the fonts are already on a pirate font site. This also happened 2 years ago.   How is this possible? Have …
  • Ralph Smith said: Just released new fonts to a well know distributor a few days ago. No sales yet but the fonts are already on a pirate font site. This also happened 2 years ago.   How is this possible? There could be a number of ways: …
  • Mark Simonson said: I guess we'll just have to start putting ads in fonts. Maybe a contextual alternates feature that displays an ad message whenever you reach a certain number of characters in a line, and then disappears when you type a certai…
  • Looking good!
  • Looks good, but were you aware that at the bottom of the front page you've still got a date error? Copyright © [oceanwp_date]
  • Ray Larabie said: @Christian Thalmann You upload any and as many gallery images you want. Just go to gallery while you're logged in and you can upload, delete and change order. You'll have to enable flash to use the uploader (the other one is b…
  • Given the tax revamp, does that even still exist?
  • James Puckett said: Given how common Macs are in the graphic design industry you should really be testing your fonts on a Mac before releasing them. Or at least have a friend who has a Mac.  I have one; he's my guinea pig and in retur…
  • This one might sound strange, but it's worked for me: Work with indie game developers (you'll find them all the time on places like itch.io).  Helping them with unique fonts for visual flair helps them sell their games and serves as advertising for …
  • Cory Maylett said: As a graphic designer, I had always assumed that most fonts were purchased by people like me — other graphic designers. I thought that for the most part as well, but I recently had an "experience" on Reddit's font subre…