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Jeff Peters


Jeff Peters
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  • I think the problem may be that hints are glyph-based, while elements are not. Therefore they are not compatible.
  • >In the FL VI case, if you have hinted the elements in any of their appearances in any glyphs, they are hinted in all their appearances. If you try and export an .otf and open it in FL VI, I think you will find that referenced elements don´t get…
  • Ok I guess it´s preference thing In FL5, but still strange that it autohints stuff that's not stems, but total width of glyph.. Thanks.
  • Thank you all for the insight. I wonder why Fontlab makes what looks like automatic positional PS hints on some of these and other glyphs, like cedilla. They may incorporate the whole width of the glyph, for example. And in Registered it makes a hin…
  • More on this: should a Period have stem hints or ghost hints? I've seen both.
  • Thanks for explaining, John!
  • Vasil Stanev said: Is it bad if there are very small inflections, under 5pt? I can't add point to some of my Beziers without breaking the roundness of the design. Actually, you can. You just set your other points higher up in the curve…
  • Got it, thanks for explaining!
  • I mean what is generated when pressing "build kern feature", which I guess equals to plain-text FEA..
  • Thanks all, I got it working now. Seems it got confused by the two figure classes and the extra lookup also did the trick.
  • Thanks for the links, by the way.
  • Yes, you might be right, Craig. Or could I execute the thinspace before the fraction, like this: feature frac { # Fractions sub one [slash fraction] two by onehalf; sub one [slash fraction] four by onequarter; sub three [slash fraction] fo…
  • Yeah I know, I don't remember where I got the code from and it may be a mix from different sources, thus the two identical classes with different names. But should it matter, since they both include figures 0-9?
  • Only problem is, space isn't exchanged with thinspace in InDesign. When writing 2 1/8 for example. Any ideas why? The fraction part works, though. Here's the code: (@numr0 being figures and @numr1 being numerators. Thinspace exists in the font and i…
  • Thought it would be something like that. Thanks again!