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Jeff Peters


Jeff Peters
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  • Vasil Stanev said: Is it bad if there are very small inflections, under 5pt? I can't add point to some of my Beziers without breaking the roundness of the design. Actually, you can. You just set your other points higher up in the curve…
  • Got it, thanks for explaining!
  • I mean what is generated when pressing "build kern feature", which I guess equals to plain-text FEA..
  • Thanks all, I got it working now. Seems it got confused by the two figure classes and the extra lookup also did the trick.
  • Thanks for the links, by the way.
  • Yes, you might be right, Craig. Or could I execute the thinspace before the fraction, like this: feature frac { # Fractions sub one [slash fraction] two by onehalf; sub one [slash fraction] four by onequarter; sub three [slash fraction] fo…
  • Yeah I know, I don't remember where I got the code from and it may be a mix from different sources, thus the two identical classes with different names. But should it matter, since they both include figures 0-9?
  • Only problem is, space isn't exchanged with thinspace in InDesign. When writing 2 1/8 for example. Any ideas why? The fraction part works, though. Here's the code: (@numr0 being figures and @numr1 being numerators. Thinspace exists in the font and i…
  • Thought it would be something like that. Thanks again!