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Ebern Klause


Ebern Klause
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  • I’m very sorry that I have to contradict you, but: Andreas, you obviously don’t agree with me - which is fine - but a disagreement needs arguments and you don’t give any.
  • @John Savard @Andreas Stötzner In the process of making Neutor I have developed some personal theories about serifs and contrast and how they for instance relate to weight. I would like to share those thoughts but I may need a little more time - an…
  • @Andreas Stötzner Many bits of Times (or other typical text faces) are superfluous. Too many serifs/balls, too much contrast. But you can’t simply take some of them out just like that and that’s probably the beauty of type: everything is connected…
  • @George Triantafyllakos I’ve changed the lambda, delta and gamma a bit according to your suggestions, the lambda not all the way though.  I also made an alternative gamma that has a more clearly defined shape. I quite like it but it probably …
  • @Christian Thalmann Ouch, then I’ve been wrong about that all my life. Not just for the typeface but for everything else that has a DIN number. Lesson learned, thanks.
  • @John Savard Well said, point taken, thank you.
  • @Christian Thalmann  I think it’s nice that you say that ‘Neutor’ is far from neutral, because neutral is exactly what I’m trying to achieve. It leads me to believe there are two different perspectives here: style and function. I’ve always bee…
  • @Christian Thalmann  Thanks, nice suggestion, I will look into that. It’s not so much about symmetry but more about too many vertical straight lines.
  • @Christian Thalmann  I havn’t decided on the final name yet. I have some good candidates but it will most certainly NOT be Neutor.
  • By the way, something went wrong with the straight ц, ш and щ in my second example. They should look like the ones below:
  • Andreas Stötzner said: there are no ‘minimal’ typefaces, but all typefaces are functional. I don’t agree Andreas, twice, but I think that’s another discussion. And you simutaneously try to ‘improve’ Cyrillic a little bit, harmonize …
  • @Samuil Simonov Thanks agian Samuil. I guess the non-standard shapes are best put in a stylistic set then. I will look at жкзѕ.
  • @Christian Thalmann Interesting point. I felt and feel that Дд Лл are often too open at the bottom or too narrow at the top. I feel the shapes are quite balanced as they are now eventhough they may go against consensus a bit. On top of that: Cyrill…
  • @John Savard John With Neutor I am not pursuing a certain style or use. I just want to make a very minimal yet very functional typeface, not just for display or headlines but above all for running text, preferably on-screen. Most of the design decis…
  • I did make straight variants at first but I found them a bit hard and thought I’d try something else. Then again, that’s simply how these characters are and maybe I should go back to those.
  • Hello George, thanks for your helpful remarks! I will look into the points you mention.
  • Hi Samuil, thanks for your comments! I will look into the points you mention. You do not mention the ц,ш and щ. Does that mean you have less problems with those?