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Laurenz van Gaalen

Graphic designer & web developer


Laurenz van Gaalen
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  • koek en ei it is 
  • Thanks Hrant. Double acutes are okay-ish, because I'm used to them. The single acute on the ij-glyph (top line) is viable, and I like it, but this one is a matter of taste. Singe acute on i-j combination (bottom line) looks like a mistake or erro…
  • Ben Blom said: So the Financieele Dagblad deliberately deviates from the “Green Book”. The Green Book contains the official spelling of the Dutch Language Union. The spelling of the Green Book is only mandatory for government and educational inst…
  • Thanks, I will try and test your suggestions in the next iteration.  BTW Fontark looks great, but I'm now learning FLS and a lot of basics, so I think I don't switch in the near feature. To many hours invested already, in Fontographer too... can't …
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will use it to make an improved version. Craig Eliason said: 1) Tittles look too far to the right. /r/ is the least successful letter.   Tittles: I look a lot to other (monospaced) fonts, and I thought …
  • Ben Blom said: I consider both “oe” and “ij” to be two letters. Lexicographers seem to agree, and they also think the “y” is part of the Dutch alphabet. See in this Dutch-English dictionary: Interesting post. After my last one it cross…
  • Hrant H. Papazian said: But "oe" is not a single letter, while "ij" is, no? Sorry if I'm not clear, but it's not an easy situation. This discussion let me re-think a lot of stuff. I'll try to explain the situation. I do not pretend to know …
  • Hm, I don't think so. Emphasis on the word moet is also móet, not móét. Some real life examples by 'professional media': https://www.dvhn.nl/drenthe/Drenthe-is-niet-míjn-fietsvoorbeeld-22159971.html https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/nieuws/opmerkelijk/vrou…
  • It's intriguing. So I've asked a doctorandus Dutch: it's the convention to add emphasis on an ij like this: íj. So no /jacute at all.
  • I think it should be one 'spanning both' in case of the ij or IJ ligature, but two if the ij is composed out of an i and j. 
  • I'm not sure, I'm just theory-crafting. The acute is used to alter the way you pronounce a word an/or add emphasis. een hond = a dog één hond = one dog dé hond = the dog, with emphasis on the In theory you may add emphasis to the ij. But since the…
  • 3. As far as I know there's no usage of /jacute on its own in Dutch. But theoretically it is viable to use /acutes on the ij and IJ. 
  • @Hrant H. Papazian True. To be sure: I don't mean any negative with the word 'typophile'
  • Yes, it's that bad*. I've only discovered it's very existense since I'm learning how to make a font. I really don't know anyone who use it, yet alone knows it. I'm a graphical designer for 20+ years now. But maybe I've a blind spot? Or Maybe some he…
  • Jasper de Waard said: @Hrant H. Papazian You mean like this? (by Bold Monday, I believe) My own Ricardo has a similar option as a discretionary ligature. For what it is worth: a) As far as I know this is a custom font developed for th…
  • Craig Eliason said: Top serif of S gets a touch too close to the D maybe.  Apart from aesthetics, this becomes a problem if you use you logo at small sizes – or look at it from a distance. (The general idea/design is nice, well done.)