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Joel Santos


Joel Santos
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  • Mark Simonson said: The same people who do Font Squirrel also do Fontspring, which is their commercial arm. Behind the scenes it uses the same webfont generator as Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel can also be used to generate webfonts with commer…
  • Johannes Neumeier said: Joel Santos said: Isn't this illegal without the consent of the type designer? The type designer was the target user I had in mind Probably Font Squirrel is closest to what you describe, but there is catalo…
  • Beau Williamson said: I've been thinking of a little app for a while now, but my nascent coding skills have kind of stalled for now. Just a simple text interface that lets you work on kerning on your phone or tablet. The increased screen resolu…
  • Jasper de Waard said: This is probably quite complex, but it would be great if you could find a way to incorporate the rendering engines from different operating systems within one app, so that I could upload a webfont into it, and instantly see ho…
  • Ray Larabie said: How about tools for color fonts?  Some tools exist but not too many. That seems interesting. I've been wondering about color fonts also. They seem a new interesting subject to evolve upon since there are so many typefaces aroun…
  • What about a simple app to test fonts with templates like "headings" and "simulated book page"...? Would that be useful?
  • It seems like you already have a solution ehehe. To be straight, I also don't think RoboFont is that interesting. There is Glyphs, being in Python should be cross platform and... I don't find the appeal, specially with the price in  mind. Sorry.