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André G. Isaak


André G. Isaak
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  • Thanks Stefan, Your response was extremely useful. André
  • Is there anyone participating in this thread who is a Bulgarian speaker? I recall reading somewhere that Bulgarian frequently used forms of д, и, п, and т which resemble latin g, u, n, and m in both cursive and upright forms, but I can't find the s…
  • Let me suggest an experiment: Don't bother decomposing composites (that doesn't make much sense for .ttfs), but before generating your .ttf in FontLab Studio, make sure you first select all glyphs in the font and then select paths->set tt direct…
  • AFAIK, (Northern) Saami is the only language where this would be relevant, since it has both Eth and Tbar. My own intuition is that I would prefer the crossbars to be the same weight, but then I'm not a Saami speaker.
  • It avoids problems if you ever use your nametable with a font which contains both A and a -- otherwise you might end up with two glyphs with the same name.
  • Ray Larabie said: Anyone know a trick to get automatically double encode in FontLab Studio 5? I have a custom name table with double encodes but I doesn't work when I try generate Unicode the values get blanked out. My allcaps.nam is formatted …
  • Yeah, the workaround is trivially simple -- just not necessarily obvious. Still, it gave me a fun challenge :-)
  • (replying to myself) -- OK, I've figured out what's going on. After importing a .fea file into OTM and saving it, the actual features are saved with a new parameter value; it's just the name entry itself that doesn't stick. I think there must be a b…
  • Has anyone had any success with using DTL OTM to add custom names for stylistic sets? I've tried importing a feature file and the operation appears to be successful (i.e. the new entries show up in the name table), but the changes never keep (once I…