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Adam Ladd


Adam Ladd
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  • @JoyceKetterer great. I like that, all the breakdowns of further line items. Makes it more tangible what the client is getting, especially if any discounts applied. Thanks!
  • Thanks very much for your reply and breakdown @JoyceKetterer ! That is really helpful. What you shared is what I was hoping was the case (as a lower-end $5k price for a single, custom font with a Desktop license included can make sense, but $5k for …
  • Reviving this thread a bit: I'm curious, when talking about doing a custom font design for a client and considering the rights... what are we talking about in terms of licensing? @Thomas Phinney shared some numbers (I know it was a few years ago b…
  • Thanks for the additional conversation link @Kent Lew
  • Thanks All... good thoughts/feedback. The consideration of doing a "Pro" vs "Basic" offering came from a few factors I've been chewing on: a) The font as is has decent Latin language support, but no Cyrillic at all, and there is room to expand the …
  • Awesome, thanks so much for this reference and notes @Ray Larabie !
  • @Stefan Peev that link is excellent to some helpful tools. Took a quick trip through and that Cyrill-o-pedia looks like it will be very useful. Appreciate the tips as well about some of the localization to watch for!
  • Thank you for your suggestions and these references/links @Stefan Peev , truly appreciate it. Will take a look at all of them further. I had done some digging into the Adobe Cyrillic Sets for reference some, but need to spend more time with it. Stil…
  • @John Hudson Thanks so much for your observations and advice, John, I really appreciate it! My limited observation was similar in that the basic set would be more easily created and the extended set more effort. The basic set is made up of 66 char…
  • Thanks for your feedback Joyce. I think you and Pablo are probably right in that the main goal is to remove as much licensing and future licensing difficulty and worry as possible (which I understand and see the benefit of). Yeah, may take some cont…
  • Thanks for sharing your experience and the insights you've gained, Ray. Seems positive overall (from an income standpoint). Yeah, my concern with it somehow affecting custom licensing or higher priced license options (e.g. Apps) was broad. Actually…
  • Thierry, thank you for your reply and thoughts about options for how to break this out. I appreciate it.
  • I also have a question along similar lines to this custom, unlimited licensing pricing. I have some ballpark numbers in mind based on what is out there and already discussed, but I would really appreciate any more thoughts from you all to lean again…
  • Thanks Hrant and George, appreciate your thoughts/suggestions.
  • Thanks Thomas, I hear you. That crossed my mind to some degree (and is the practice I lean towards). Though I also wonder if there's a notable increase in sales with each distributor by staggering the release times, then I suppose in some ways it be…
  • Thomas, Adam, thanks very much for your insights and given examples... they are really helpful and appreciated.
  • Thanks @Bhikkhu Pesala ... I hear you. Those are some of the concerns I was wondering about.
  • Bah, sorry, I'm new to some of this... Don't think I posted in the right category, but didn't see the option to switch when I was writing it.
  • I hear you, agree. That's part of a competitive market, you have different options, different places, and someone understandably will always want to offer the best deal.
  • Good points, Thomas. Yes, there could be/is a share of legal considerations to counter something like that.
  • I’d be curious what the results might be if retailers set a max limit for how much of a discount could be offered (e.g. 50% is the largest, no discounts above that [90%, etc.]). It might take some emphasis off buyers being swayed by a massive promot…
  • James Puckett said: If the intended use of the font is things people will never open again after the job goes to print then PUA encoding should be fine. If this is a complex renaissance text face with quaint ligatures then definitely not. …
  • Thanks much for your feedback and experiences, all, I can still see a case for both sides... and @Thomas Phinney , I appreciate the candor and insight. I think @Ray Larabie 's example and points about including PUA codes for these glyphs is a selli…