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  • That's pretty cool, but is there a practical advantage over putting the information in the font openly, such as in a name table entry? I would encrypt my checksum string so that a modifier can't repeat the string creation for modified tables, and le…
  • Right, the checksums are for modification detection only. In my case, wanting to offer fonts online with a subsetter, there is no one file that I can diff against. Each file could be different and need to be 'signed' on the fly.
  • So we’re talking about a checksum. How would one go about that technically?If you’re writing a simple checksum of the entire file into the file, the checksum of the file changes. So it needs to be done table by table. But how? By the way, thanks…
  • But how are you even going to know the font is being used in the wild and who is using it? For webfonts, either by coincidence (friends and family send me links to sites that use my fonts all the time) or by future (or even present?) web crawl tech…
  • I am becoming really interested in subtitle design/ composition I most of the time struggle to read captions quickly and easy. I think that Arial or Helvetica actually don't make captions very readable. has anyone ever came across to good caption fo…
  • “Restricted variable fonts”This won’t pass through marketing. You can’t tell customers that the products they buy are restricted.
  • I’ve followed this thread a bit, but don’t understand the goal.Some of you are working on an overview of foundry’s licenses, okay. But is the goal to simply publish this overview or is the goal to create a somewhat unified set of licenses and encou…
  • What's the current stand of development in this?Is anyone taking care of it?
  • I skipped Yosemite. Still 10.9, forgot the name. But reading that El Capitan is basically the optimized version of Yosemite makes me wanna upgrade after all.
  • My idea as a young guy: As a self-publisher you need many years of time to make a name and build reputation for the technical quality of your fonts as professional tools, regardless of the design. Fame is easy to reach, but earning money isn’t rela…
  • What my brother just told me is making the idea look really stupid: If you print that page to a PDF, you can select and copy/paste that text and it will copy as human readable text, not the transmitted garbage. Tried in Acrobat Reader and Mac’s Pre…
  • Or simply a way to create better looking captchas.
  • Because it has been asked: The update voucher codes you’ll find in a text file called Update.txt next to the plugin files.
  • Yes, Pablo, this is probably the single most useful improvement and I have it on my mind for a long time already. Duly noted. I don't think I can address it before the summer. But at least one obstacle for making updates is off the list now, which …
  • Hi everyone, almost three years after Robothon’12, where I first presented Speed Punk to the public, I stopped selling it »by email« and started selling it online instead. Please have a look at https://yanone.de/buy/ and point all potential users …
  • I compiled the fonts with Georg's hint (-dcs option for makeotf) but client says it still won't print. He'll switch to Indesign for printing this typeface.
  • Found FontLab's mistake, although it's a bit hard to believe: It crashed on a line querying the existence of a glyph object in a variable that was None beforehand. This works: if self.sourcePSglyph != None: This doesn't: if self.sourcePSglyph: But …