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ivan louette


ivan louette
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  • @Christian Thalmann Ooops ! You are right, that was the old one I changed it.
  • Despite Griffo isn't my preferred designer between him and Jenson it seems its practice is "half the dot supported by the stem" (see below). And I will try that. However he already uses ligatures for /fi and /longs i. Thus I am not sure the eccentri…
  • @Christian Thalmann I tried a new solution for the roman /i dot. Bigger to this latter, or closer to the glyph has a bad impact on the texture and the readability. I compared also to some other fonts below.
  • Thanks for your point of view. No roman is not final And perhaps it will be intermediate between mine and yours. But I will certainly keep todays form sa an alternate like I have done for punctuation here :
  • Thanks a lot ! I think I will probably slightly change the italic /i dot size togheter with changes in the italic punctuation marks. It would be a little bit bigger than now but not bigger than the roman one which I fixed after a lot of trials.…
  • I stopped to work for some time and came back a few days ago. Many tiny changes and one more visible on the bottom of /h /k /r /m /n which gives a better dynamics.
  • @Theunis de Jong Of course you are right. And this is the explanation why people stopped to use this printer a long time ago there : every time it caused earthquakes in this very unstable region.
  • @Christian Thalmann Thanks a lot, I will take a look at that. This morning I have redrawn the /s more upwards and its top and bottom ends slightly more ecarted. It looks much better for the flow. Before that I had the illusion that a more "nervous"…
  • Trying to uniformize ascenders upper serifs horizontality with transversal bars of /f end /t (now ready for future ligatures) and bottom serifs of /p and /q. That gives a better horizontal stress and less wavy lines. and a test of legibil…
  • @Dyana Weissman Thank you. I am not in search of comprehensive experience. The track you encourage me to follow is already interesting and I will take it. On the other hand very simple an short stories may be evocative. And of course I am not in sea…
  • Thanks a ot ! Thats the kind of thing difficult to appreciate while you have the nose on your screen daily on the same project ;-)
  • I need advice about my ampersand. Chiefly its skewing. Is it too much or not ? Right spacing is probably too much. It should be moved somewhat to below and I probably also added too few weight to the Small Caps and Petite versions.
  • More work on /f , /g and many others. And also on ascenders end descenders length. No changes at the moment in upper ascenders serifs. Horizontal bars in /f and /t should be changed in the future and in prevision of ligatures. Capitals remains dummi…
  • At the moment I have just a little regret that no women of this forum told anything about the subject at this stage. This is also a place where they could talk about their own experience and I would encourage them to speak. Please do it ! Of course …
  • @Stephen Coles Indeed Women in Type is the kind of project which should multiply. Hoping it will go on with a great success and will show that women were not limited to secondary tasks (or even only the artistic part of this activity). That's also i…
  • Do you mean that Nazca lines are prints ?
  • @André G. Isaak Interesting ! Could you reveal your sources ?
  • @Nick Shinn What a fantastic article ! It's still so important to know how the changes occurred, particularly through the XIX Century and the beginning of high industrialization. @John Nolan Thanks ! I am a long time fan of the so clear Carol Twomby…
  • @James Puckett and @John Hudson Many thanks already for your so interesting and documented replies ! I just found this site : Typequality
  • @Christian Thalmann You are right ! I even tried saugfähigy and I have the same problem with /y
  • @Johannes Neumeier Thanks for your comments ! I will see what I can do about ascender serifs and tittles. About the /y teardrop it still needs some work like need the two /f teardrops, the /g ear and /f and /t horizontal bars.
  • @Craig Eliason Sorry for the delay ! I have redrawn and retouched many characters. Thelast ones were /u which is now closer to an inverted /n, and /o where only the external path was slightly rotated (not inclinated) to the right ; I didn't touch it…
  • I worked on many glyphs today. And tried to solve /v /w diagonal. /y still needs some work. @Christian Thalmann I work a little bit on /f . It's more discrete now but I didn't change the crossbar. I will sure do it soon. And the /t crossbar too.
  • @Jasper de Waard Thanks, you are right. Their swing is nice but it remains something which breaks the jump.
  • @Craig Eliason Sorry I have used a wrong version of my font ! I changed the image above ;-)
  • @Craig Eliason Thanks for your comments and your appreciation ! I tried some changes on the glyphs you told. I changed also the /g curl. I still didn't try to print the italic, but the roman prints fairly well and gives nice homogenous pages. Howe…
  • More work with the softened Arrighi inspired version. That seems already better adapted to Uccello.
  • @LeMo aka PatternMan aka Frank E Blokland Thanks for your very useful comment. Certainly not perfect at its early stage is another trial I did yesterday on another base. It meets the tradition which associates Arrighi's calligraphy with jensonian ty…
  • Thanks ! I have always the same issue with "g" : I want to avoid dark spots on the page… and thus I am to shy with it