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Nikola Kostic


Nikola Kostic
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  • @John Hudson Sorry to say, but we are terribly short on original technical terminology in Serbia. We just call it "crta" which would translate to "a line" or "a dash".
  • @Stefan Peev In Oblique „г, п, т“ have a completely different form from cursive, so there is never a line above.
  • Well Cyrillic did originate from Greek so using ι makes sense. 
  • Again, I don't know what they learn in Macedonia, but in Serbia (in schools) the letter г is written straight as in your бумага example, with an overline. Take a look at this variant which is usual in Serbia: http://www.uvu.rs/2010 Kaligrafsko bukva…
  • Your example just complements what Maxim commented earlier about letter shapes taught in Russian primary schools. 
  • Oh, it should definitely vary (as in your top example). Those are not accents, they serve as John Hudson said: ... because they distinguish the letters from the otherwise identical и and ш ...
  • Kent — As I've already stated, I cannot help you with the Macedonian localization, but for Serbian italic forms, with the particular style that you've chosen (in your original post) I think that the curved terminal for the italic г would feel mor…
  • Maxim Zhukov said: What an excellent book, Nikola. Thank you for sharing your lucky find. I have two questions. * What form of the italic l.c. г and ѓ you consider Russian, and why: Wavy/curvaceous (‘mirrored s’-like)? or Straight/stiff (‘d…
  • Welcome to the Balkans. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.   I am no expert on Macedonian so I dare not give any definitive advice. I've found an old Macedonian grammar book online, and in it, the italic form of ѓ is not Russian г (to my surprise…
  • Safely!? LOL! Hopefully. To me, the family naming procedure resembles what I imagine dismantling a nuclear device looks like. It is easy if you know what you're doing. I strongly urge you to try https://www.fontlab.com/font-converter/transtype/
  • I'm not sure but I think FontLab's TransType 4 is advertised to solve such problems. Other than that, you can try it this way: https://forum.fontlab.com/fontlab-studio-tips-and-tricks/font-family-naming-in-fontlab-studio-5/?PHPSESSID=a107f8f935b9b5…
  • I've read the entire thread, and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. I understand that selling deeply discounted products in volume works great for MyFonts, but I believe that it devalues the work of the designer and could eventually hurt t…