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Nikola Kostic


Nikola Kostic
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  • @Erwin Denissen @Johannes Neumeier @Nick Shinn @John Hudson @Chris Lozos Thanks everyone for your input! It is highly appreciated! Also, thank you Señor @Hrant H. Papazian 
  • Erwin Denissen said: Maybe rename ExtraBold to either Heavy or UltraBlack. Then use UltraExpanded, UltraExtended, or ExtraWide for the widest width. I've set Heavy and Black for heavier weights already. The name "Ultra" makes Illustrato…
  •   Thanks Hrant. I would ask you to elaborate, but that was pretty self-explanatory.
  • @John Hudson Sorry to say, but we are terribly short on original technical terminology in Serbia. We just call it "crta" which would translate to "a line" or "a dash".
  • @Stefan Peev In Oblique „г, п, т“ have a completely different form from cursive, so there is never a line above.
  • Well Cyrillic did originate from Greek so using ι makes sense. 
  • Again, I don't know what they learn in Macedonia, but in Serbia (in schools) the letter г is written straight as in your бумага example, with an overline. Take a look at this variant which is usual in Serbia: http://www.uvu.rs/2010 Kaligrafsko bukva…
  • Your example just complements what Maxim commented earlier about letter shapes taught in Russian primary schools. 
  • Oh, it should definitely vary (as in your top example). Those are not accents, they serve as John Hudson said: ... because they distinguish the letters from the otherwise identical и and ш ...
  • Kent — As I've already stated, I cannot help you with the Macedonian localization, but for Serbian italic forms, with the particular style that you've chosen (in your original post) I think that the curved terminal for the italic г would feel mor…
  • Maxim Zhukov said: What an excellent book, Nikola. Thank you for sharing your lucky find. I have two questions. * What form of the italic l.c. г and ѓ you consider Russian, and why: Wavy/curvaceous (‘mirrored s’-like)? or Straight/stiff (‘d…
  • Welcome to the Balkans. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.   I am no expert on Macedonian so I dare not give any definitive advice. I've found an old Macedonian grammar book online, and in it, the italic form of ѓ is not Russian г (to my surprise…
  • Safely!? LOL! Hopefully. To me, the family naming procedure resembles what I imagine dismantling a nuclear device looks like. It is easy if you know what you're doing. I strongly urge you to try https://www.fontlab.com/font-converter/transtype/
  • I'm not sure but I think FontLab's TransType 4 is advertised to solve such problems. Other than that, you can try it this way: https://forum.fontlab.com/fontlab-studio-tips-and-tricks/font-family-naming-in-fontlab-studio-5/?PHPSESSID=a107f8f935b9b5…
  • I've read the entire thread, and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. I understand that selling deeply discounted products in volume works great for MyFonts, but I believe that it devalues the work of the designer and could eventually hurt t…