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Evan S.
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  • Well, any company using Cambria and Calibri would need to retire... I'll leave now. In all seriousness, it was probably a sketchy idea from the start. It's like trying to open a lemonade stand when there's a huge, popular lemonade store next to you …
  • For goodness sake's! I need eye wash after that. That display type is fugly as heck, pardon my language. I'm willing to bet that someone got drunk to heck and started the display version.
  • With Nick's thinking, I would assume Interstate is actually a bit illegible. The bowl of /a is the same size as the eye of /e. The tops and bottoms are similar. Is this thinking true? (I don't have the typeface on my computer.)
  • Is a letter that you can't decide on (variants, isolated) appropriate for this?
  • With bad eyesight, unless you are using Interstate, grotesks are generally still legible. It still is a bit harder to read, but it's still as badly mutilated. Supplemental image:
  • Generally, moving the points toward the center of your control points works well. Demonstration (top is better)
  • As a man with no pride in himself: • Itis* • Click Here To View Your Arrest Record Sans* • Cepok • Toffson Text* • Legiblus • French • Saberdome • Unitrow All regrettable names from my page (except ones marked with *) (shameless plug) http://fontst…
  • Yes. I look at my fonts from one year ago and cringe. Spend a while away. (1 year or maybe less, or periodically check.) Quick comparison, one year. Keep in mind that I have better tech now.
  • Auto-bold blows, and is usually somewhat incompatible. Not to get too off-topic, but once someone did it and interpolating just was completely off. /E/F/H/I/J/K/L/N/P/R/T/U thick strokes too thin. /G is very quaint. A lot of stuff off in the lowerc…
  • As a type designer, I hate seeing Verdana used on that website. Jokes aside, Mac is more expensive (esp. with Glyphs) but I believe it's worth it. As at least 40-50% type designers have Apple as their go-to device, they don't want to go through the…
  • Craig, that would bring on the nitpicking... in that universe you might have wanted Helvetica. Enough off topic — as a young type designer, I never met him. I love Univers, but let's give some recognition to other Typefaces. A true testimonial to hi…
  • It's most likely Bebas Kai, by the way. EDIT: Is this what you are going for?
  • I am irked by the terminal consistency in the /C/G/S.
  • Whoops. Had something that I wrongly wrote
  • For Itis, I chose a basic rotated form to provide stress, then I used the wonderful (fontlab/glyphs only, sorry) RMX Harmonizer went in. Simply broadnibbing gives this result.
  • I think /U should be like the previous version. The /5 is a little out of place. The /W is a little clogged.
  • It's just a rough draft I have yet to polish. I do agree with you, I just was tired. I don't want to clog this up with logo. Ignore the spacing for right now. Focus on the little need for hinting and spacing adjusting at smaller sizes. Comparison at…
  • I wish it was at least a slab. Although it is (according to one friend) sometimes associated with "medieval," I would love to see something that wasn't so bland. Yahoo (although hated) has the most charismatic design stating an opinion. I just want …
  • Google forgot about the apertures. And their innovation. And correct stroke weights. If Google strives to be more, why not be more than barely-corrected Helvetica relatives?
  • What video?
  • Why not go more minimal? Make it hardly recognizable!
  • The stem weight of the uppercase is 4 bolder than the lowercase. BTW, look at the /o from the font I pulled from the PDF. (Will delete and empty trash after examination.) (Small edit: My stance on colors is go retro or go bold.)
  • Guy with unpopular opinion (me): The thing that made Google stand out in its logo — excluding the colors — was the serif font, Catull. Bing, Yahoo, etc. have fallen prey to the "modern" trap. Now Google too. To hell with it — use that font for every…
  • @Georg%20Seifert It was tweaked after that. Notice the bottom of /v and a lot of other letters. I think it was really rushed. The uppercase /C has bad kinks. They didn't have time to improve anything, so there's a lack of balance.
  • Definitely, Mark. I can't make my mind up on my bézier /s either leaning forward or backwards. (Only have 1-2 years of messing around with fonts.)
  • /W is still slightly narrow (compared to /w.) You need to remove overlaps on export, if it's possible. /2 gets light at the joint in the bold master. Open the aperture of /s in both masters slightly. I agree with Michael about the /B, I have noticed…
  • Polygonal templates have the most tweaking freedom. (Rotating and slanting artificially not worrying about extrema is really helpful.) The result of adding serifs and broad-nibbing the template has a certain charm I can't place my hand on. -attachme…
  • Ray's method is pure gold! You could even start a font by these steps (in Glyphs) 1) Ray's method, only with a monoline (no serifs if serif typeface) 2) Apply Broad Nibber plugin for serif typeface or plain Offset Curve in sans typeface. 3) Tweak as…