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Rob Keller


Rob Keller
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  • I'd second what Mark says and try to not worry about the sharing part. If you see blatant, significant, illegal uses of your typeface you may pursue legal action at that point. But probably not, and especially not in India... More new Malayalam woul…
  • Gerben Dollen said: @Rob Keller might have an idea for a nice work-around. I wish I had a good answer for you, but unfortunately I don't. When we hired the developers to code the current version of our site we had requested the ability t…
  • fwiw, we are now doing it this way – with variable products. It's a major hassle... 
  • María Ramos said: For further information and other references in type design for typewriters, look at the dissertation available in academia.edu. I would be glad to see more research in this particular topic. FYI, Nicolien van der Keur …
  • I have this one book – fairly similar to the PDF that's linked above, but it doesn't have as many cool sample alphabets. It has more overviews to misc embroidery topics.
  • I'm a bit late to the discussion as I was digging through my more than 16,000 photos from India trying to find some handwritten ₹ symbols. I'm sure I've seen some (very rarely), but I'm not sure that I've photographed them. Eventually I only came ac…