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Vasil Stanev


Vasil Stanev
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  • Flag. Like the Б.
  • Bhikkhu Pesala said: Have you thought of producing these designs as a Coloured Font? No, it did not appear to me. The whole suite can be seen here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/80169233/A-Day-of-Ornaments
  • Depends on the design. Each memeber of the family is its own thing within the larger picture. I tend to give bolder weights some additional room above so it doesn't get too crowdy. But the 699 seems like a bug. 
  • James Montalbano said: With so little time left in our lives do we really need to worry about these stupid things? I intend to live forever. So far, so good. And compared to actual present-day technology, StarTrek seems sooo quaint to…
  • AbrahamLee said: How many family members are there and what are their names? Only one member, that's what puzzles me. It's a single font, in TTF and OTF.
    in TDR Comment by Vasil Stanev May 6
  • What might I be doing wrong?
    in TDR Comment by Vasil Stanev May 5
  • I was reading a linguistic book and remembered this thread. Turns out other peoples beside the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used hieroglyphs and cuneiform. Are there some stylistic variatons of these two writing systems in Unicode? https://en.w…
  • What I have written is 'simultaneously'. As in 'constantly logged from a desktop computer and a mobile device, editing the same post from two places'. A purely technical question. Is it possible?
  • Also, can an account be accessed simultaneously from more than one point? A friend of mine had given his lady friend the password to a forum, and after they split up she used it to get revenge. Often there were entire threads of the user arguing wit…
  • I agree with the previous two comments. In my experience psuedonymity has many negative effects. If need be, John Smith can be changed to John Smith - Foundryname, and that be changed again if the foundry is changed. Provided Vanilla can handle this…
  • Vasil Stanev said: Johannes Neumeier said: look at these (boring) classics Absolutely agree!! I agree with the suggested action. No comment on adjectives.
  • Also, as far as I understand it, moderators are not paid for their job. If modding the way they did till now helps them keep the forum as it should be, it would not be right for me to demand special attention. Flag away, mod away, do whatever they m…
  • Hrant H. Papazian said: I think you've hit on something potentially promising: no flags until the 4-hour editing window closes. It's quite elegant, and additionally can help people cool off. Sounds reasonable...
  • Hrant H. Papazian said: But I wonder: did you perhaps add "Took me a looong time to grow out of this primitive mentality" after the Abuse flag?  No, I didn't.
  • Just wait until I am finished editing and/or the post is more than 4 hours old... is it that hard? I like to refine my posts to value everybodies time, it's just how I do it. I don't use a text editor for it, it's not the National Archive.
  • I neither know what a  flag is nor why I got any... Matter of fact I haven't noticed there is such a thing. The meaning of my post seems pretty obvious to me, but it doesn't really matter to me how many people react in what way on the internet, it's…
  • The board is international, commonly agreed rules of polite behaviour, however, are not. One culture's normal discourse is a sign of weakness for another. Where I come from, politeness is often conflated with homesexuality and lack of stamina(I am n…
  • Johannes Neumeier said: look at these (boring) classics Absolutely agree!!
  • For vector hygiene,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR-CG5eB3nQ For everything else, study well established fonts and do extensive reading to understand what you are looking at. Use the search option of this TypeDrawers board to learn what books to…
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jALb3fPLTRk , especially after the 32 min mark. Mr. Leonidas is, of course, a TD board member. I am interested if the sc issue got resolved in newer version of InDesign.
  • Hm. Reminds me of my Wozom (unpublished). I ran in the exact same problems ten years ago when I had far less skill (and that's why it never got finished ). There are balance issues inside the letters, for example the bowl of the/a is obviously too…
  • Thank you for the detailed and extremely useful help! Much appreciated. However, I am beating my head to how also resolve the internal weight issue. UC is currently too heavy for it's lc in almost all weights, as pointed to me above. The font runs a…
    in Moxic Comment by Vasil Stanev April 19
  • John Savard said:  My own web site I would split the text into two columns.
  • Purpose: heavy display. /E looks fine to me. lc /e and /i may get some unicase treatment tho.
    in TDR Comment by Vasil Stanev April 12
  • There are things more obsolete than this font. For example the higher education scam, I mean system. I hurts my brain to think of the other people's time and money wasted on this fontoid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYrhzIi3SJY&t=631s ----…
  • Isn't it a term for "gutsy"? The magician Pen Gilette named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, that's where I got it from.
    in Moxic Comment by Vasil Stanev April 10
  • I PM'd You
    in Moxic Comment by Vasil Stanev April 9
  • I am having trouble getting Adobe products to recognize the Hairline, Normal and Blot weights. I looked at similar fonts and tried to rename them in the FL5 info panel as Thin, Normal and Heavy or ExtraBlack, respectively, but neither InDesign nor I…
    in Moxic Comment by Vasil Stanev April 9