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Paulo Goode


Paulo Goode
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  • There's a good chance the features will be restored, in time. This is from their email of 5th March announcing the new design: “What about the type tester? Will you add more features?We’ve added basic functionality to start, like the ability for cu…
  • My last release was pirated within 24 hours of launch at MyFonts, there is a Russian-based forum that churns out ripped fonts at a rapid rate, either by request or just because they can. They do it by accessing the MyFonts web files and recreate the…
  • Thanks for the heads up on this website. I have just been in dialogue with someone in Templett support (they wouldn't give their name) and I have got them to remove my own fonts that a user had uploaded. The same user had also added Adobe Caslon Pro…
  • @Botio Nikoltchev – we are going off topic But I think the benefits come when the fonts are seen in use and that triggers enquiries, sales and recognition. I am an amateur/novice/hobbyist font designer trying to learn the craft and establish myself…
  • I have some strategies that I am working on. One of which is to offer fonts that are not selling well as part of a bundle deal to gain some exposure. In fact, your own Quasimoda was part of the same deal – that's why I mentioned it. I also did not s…
  • I stand by what I said, the foundries set the prices. It is easy to see what best sellers’ price ranges are, I don't think MyFonts are putting any pressure on anyone to set low prices. Not in my experience anyway.  I believe the bundles have been s…
  • @Botio Nikoltchev the pricing is set by the foundry, not by Monotype/MyFonts.
  • That’s great to hear Johannes, I would be very willing to contribute to funding development and be available for beta testing. I believe the finished plugin should be sold at a relatively high premium, so that you generate income after its release a…
  • From someone who has been inspired by reading your books and articles, as well as receiving guidance from the MF review team, I cannot thank you enough. All the best for the future Jan.
  • Hi Diogo, You may be best to ask this question at the Glyphs forum—see here: https://forum.glyphsapp.com Georg and his team are usually very responsive. You may even find an answer to your question if you search previous topics.