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Ariel Martín Pérez


Ariel Martín Pérez
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  • George Thomas
    I didn't want to post this in public, for the safety of your work.

    Aside from the name, don't post a PDF with the outlines or even an embedded font. They are far too easy to extract and your work could be stolen. It took me less than a minute to remove your password and access the outlines in Illustrator.
    February 21
    • Ariel Martín Pérez
      Ariel Martín Pérez
      Ok, so how do I do ?
    • Ariel Martín Pérez
      Ariel Martín Pérez
      Oh damn, it seems that I'm totally unable to edit/delete my post. Maybe the only thing that I can do to make it dissapear is to totally delete my account, but I don't know if it will make the post disappear. I'm just discovering this community and I've already done three errors :/
    • Ariel Martín Pérez
      Ariel Martín Pérez
      OK, it looks like I can't even delete my account if I want to :/ Is there any way to contact one of the administrators ?
    • George Thomas
      George Thomas
      Don't worry about making mistakes; most people here are very understanding and helpful. :-)

      About posting your work: do a bitmap image of sufficient resolution instead of outlines. If you do post outlines, don't show complete character sets.

      99.9% of the people who read this forum are professionals so you likely would never have a problem, but it is a public forum so anyone anywhere can read it.