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Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney
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  • Milos Majstorović
    Hi Thomas Phinney,
    Maybe Alegreya has some hidden protection, and prevent me to to Compile locl fea for sub SRB Glyphs and Generate OTF . There is no problem with saving vfb file. 
    Here is example of whole locl fea in CertaSans-ThinItalic . Sub for SRB I add afterward and it works perfectly in InDesign with Serbian (Cyrillic) language:

    feature locl { # Localized Forms
     script cyrl; # Cyrillic
     language SRB  exclude_dflt; # Serbian
        sub [afii10066 afii10068 afii10069 afii10081] by [afii10064 afii10063 afii10192 afii10831];
        sub afii10084 by afii10832;
     script latn; # Latin
     language AZE  exclude_dflt; # Azeri
        sub [i i.sc] by [idotaccent idotaccent.sc];
     language TRK  exclude_dflt; # Turkish
        sub [i i.sc] by [idotaccent idotaccent.sc];
     language MOL  exclude_dflt; # Moldavian
        sub @locl1 by @locl2;
     language ROM  exclude_dflt; # Romanian
        sub @locl1 by @locl2;
     language CRT  exclude_dflt; # Crimean Tatar
        sub [i i.sc] by [idotaccent idotaccent.sc];
    } locl;          
    January 10
    • Thomas Phinney
      Thomas Phinney
      Sorry I missed your question! I don't look for private messages here. :(

      Alegreya is open source, and protected fonts are extremely rare indeed, so I think you can be pretty sure that is not the problem.
    • Thomas Phinney
      Thomas Phinney
      I mean, that there is no "hidden protection"
  • Andreas Stötzner
    Hallo Thomas.
    I’ve received a mail from you which lead me to some peculiar looking password-guarded website, which I find strange.
    However, all you’d eventuelly wish to inform me about, you’re welcome to send it to my mail adress right away. Greetings! Andreas.

    December 2017
    • Thomas Phinney
      Thomas Phinney
      I'm just belatedly noticing this, and yes, it was a semi-viral spam thing. Not literally infectious, but it lies and misleads about what it will do if it gets access to your address book. :(