WOFF font info edit tool?


Does anyone know of a tool that let's you edit font tables of woff files without re-exporting the font?
Basically what OT Master does for otf and ttf files.



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  • TTX/FontTools can modify the compiled file, but you need to convert the file to TTF/OTF first. But you wouldn’t need to re-export – only take apart the binary and reassemble, which with TTX/FontTools is trivial. So it’s a halfway answer, and of course it’s command line.
  • Thanks @Robin Mientjes! @karstenluecke also suggested this to me. It's just that I'm not very handy with command line tools, thats why a tool like OTmaster to make quick edits in tables is so useful for me.

    @LeMo aka PatternMan aka Frank E Blokland, are there any plans for OTmaster also supporting WOFF files?

  • You can use Platypus TTX in place of the command line which is just drag and drop, although I can't remember where I got it or if there was any setup to it.
  • Thanks @Michael Jarboe, I'll look for it.

  • Hi Artur,

    The latest retail version of OTM (6.3) lets one import (‘File’ menu) a WOFF(2) file, which will UNWOFF it, and after editing one can export, i.e., WOFF(2) it again. From the OTM manual (page 11 and 12):

    ‘Upon import a WOFF and WOFF2 font, this gets converted to a glyf table based TTF/OTF font and saved immediately. A dialog appears, asking you where to save the new font.’

    ‘Convert to and save a font in Web Open Font Format, WOFF or WOFF2. You may choose one of them in the dialog that will open.’

    Best, Frank

  • Hi Frank,

    That's great to hear. I will get the latest version.

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