Fonts in use - what annoys you?

Type designers: what irks you most when you see your fonts in use? 

For example – fonts designed for small point sizes being used in display environments?



  • Helvetica.
  • On a more serious note:
    I tend to see good things in honest mistakes (unlike when the perpetrator is fully away). For example when I see an "A" that's heavy on the left and light on the right (AKA flipped) not only does it not bother me, but I try to see how it can inform our preconceptions.

    But I guess if you twisted my arm I would say: making accents by hand when the font totally has it already. Like:
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    Hrant—this is about what bothers you when you see people using specifically *one's own fonts*.
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    Oh. Reading too quickly, I missed that, I'm sorry. Probably because it's an unusually narrow question, that caters too much to the ego; it would be good to expand it.

    For my own stuff, I'm tempted to say when it's set too small (since I tend to make things already smaller on the body). In contrast, what maybe should bother me but doesn't is stuff like this:
  • I hate when people use the bold weight of one of my fonts as the default weight, more so because the bold was hastily made and I thought people would never use it. I also hate when people use a text font as display font because they think it is too fancy, and use another font for text!
  • Turning contextual alternates off. This seems to be done so regularly that I've started designing my fonts to work as well as possible without calts so that they don't look so terrible when they're deactivated.
    Also, modifying glyphs *badly*.
    On the flipside, I do see my fonts modified very well and used in ways I wouldn't have foreseen, so its swings and roundabouts.
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    Somebody hand-made a single-story alternate a for a logo... when I already had that alternate in the font, and my original doesn't have the backwards serif the logo designer stuck on their version.

    Oh well, at least they used my fi ligature!
  • The most common faults I see frequently:
    1. horizontal shrinking (deadly sin);
    2. false superior figures;
    3. false small capitals.

    “All the labour was for nothing.”
  • Deciding all that pesky space between letters is really just wasted and it's much more efficient to set text Track -20.
  • Probably because it's an unusually narrow question, that caters too much to the ego; it would be good to expand it.

    As a graphic designer I work with fonts daily. Sometimes it can feel like you are responsible for someone else's child, or having an intimate lunch with someone you can't see. I was just curious to hear the type designer's personal view on the use of their own fonts – interested to see if anything came up that I hadn't considered before. It's been educational so far, cool to hear some positives as well.

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    Back in the early '80s, when a display font which should never have been used below 30-36 point got used at 10 point -- on the letterhead, no less, of a company passing itself off as a 'typographer'. Embarrassing -- for him too, I hope.
  • @duncanmajor Well then, keep it up! (Thanks.)
  • I enjoy seeing the work of skilled graphic designers using type in ways I may not have expected.  Those less skilled can also disappoint ;-)
  • I didn’t design italic small caps for FF Hertz because I thought they aren’t ever used.

    Yet in the two instances where I’ve seen FF Hertz small caps in use, italic small caps were required. Luckily the typographers involved were quite good at faking them convincingly (not just by scaling the caps down, but scaling caps from a bolder weight).
  • I understand some of you are veterans around here in the industry and see your fonts used all the time. I for one if I saw mine being used no matter how, it would just blow my mind that it was even considered and used n public space.  
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