Notifications via Email not working?

Not receiving any notification Emails for topics I've bookmarked.

I've checked "email" in my notification preferences ("Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions").

Yes, I do have specified an email address in my profile and I did check my spam folder.


  • Have you ever received a reply?  For me, notifcations don't work either...
  • I have never gotten any notification either, as far as I remember.
  • Have you ever received any emails for topics you’ve bookmarked?
  • Werner LembergWerner Lemberg Posts: 33
    edited February 2016
    @James Todd : In case your question was directed to me: I don't use bookmarks (yet). But I would like to be informed (like in this thread) if other people post something.  For me, it's really a pain in the neck that notifications don't work as expected, since I don't regularly consult the TypeDrawer forums.
  • @James Todd I haven't used the bookmark feature ever either, but I sort of expect that I should get e-mails for comments to the 2-3 topics I started, and I don't get those.
  • @Hin-Tak Leung Have you selected that option in your notification preferences?
  • Alright, so I tested the feature out myself and it worked without a problem. I bookmarked a few random threads and then made sure both check boxes for “Notify me when people comment on my bookmarked discussions.” were selected.
  • Here are my notification preferences.  As you can see, basically everything is on, but I've never ever received a single e-mail notification – and I don't use a spam filter.

  • Actually I do not see any way of indicating e-mail notification preference in my profile (on android).
  • @Hin-Tak Leung I don’t believe there is a way to change these settings on mobile. 

    @Werner Lemberg I used the same settings and it worked for me. I’d suggest double-checking your email address.
  • OK, I've just re-typed my e-mail address.  Let's see whether this brings any change.
  • Nope, it doesn't.  I've bookmarked

    and I don't get any notifications.  A possible problem is that the notification e-mails have invalid headers and are thus rejected by (but accepted by other e-mail servers).  I ask you – or a system administrator who has the rights to do so – to check (a) whether the typedrawer notification service sent e-mails to my address at all, and (b) whether a rejection e-mail was received from, possibly indicating the reason for the rejection.
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