SVG still necessary?

Please forgive my ignorance. What browsers are using SVG nowadays? Is it still necessary to bundle the bandwidth-hogging monstrousity?


  • AFAIK, SVG WebFonts are obsolete. SVG images are still good though.
  • All browsers that can use SVG fonts can also use TTFs, so you gain nothing by providing SVG fonts. The monstrosities can be laid to rest ;)
  • Equally stupid question: At what point would it be possible to serve WOFF only?
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,027
    edited November 2014
    Yes, SVG Fonts were needed for older iOS, that hasn't been true for a couple years now, I think. Some users report better Windows rendering of display types with SVG Fonts, but I'm not sure its really better than CFF.

    Its possible to serve WOFF only today if your httpd logs show your audience is mostly up to date.
  • SVG was necessary in the older (pre 4.4) native Android browser. If you assume by now all users have updated, you can ditch it.

    Of course if you think your users might still be using IE8, then you'd need EOT also.

    Personally I'm currently thinking if I provide SVG (without a direct request), I might be looking like the dinosaur.
  • SVG was necessary in the older (pre 4.4) native Android browser
    I'm sure that's not true, because I developed my MATD final project font, Cantarell, for the first Android device (the G1) in 2009 which loaded TTF web fonts.
  • oh, sorry about that, Dave. I should have prefaced with: "assuming you don't want to use ttf for security reasons..."
    True, if you don't mind using ttf, SVG is pointless.

    But of course there's no real security in avoiding ttf anyway, it just makes some people feel better.
  • @Frode Bo Helland‌ if you have dropped support for ie8 and are supporting ie9+, it is (generally) safe to serve woffs only. ie8 will still require eots. most other browsers are generally assumed to be up to date (chrome and firefox both auto-update themselves now, for instance).

    what you're really trying to figure out by going woff-only is what the oldest iphone or android device you're concerned with. sadly, i suspect those folks are already experiencing a mostly broken web most of the time if they're still using those as their primary web browsing devices.
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