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I'm accustomed to extended licensing being handled on a client by client and usage basis. I was approached by a firm that would like to secure licensing for all extended usage outside of standard desktop licensing (web, broadcast, embedding, etc.) for an unlimited duration for unlimited clients (for a limited number of users, they didn't specify the amount of styles they want to use).

I've never heard of a scenario such as this, it seems unrealistic. Does anyone have experience with this where a design firm would secure unlimited licensing use for a font for all their clients. I'm used to pricing out extended licensing case by case, based on usage, for single clients.

Any advice?


  • that sounds very strange to me, I'd want an unlimited fee for that.
  • …for an unlimited duration for unlimited clients…
    Does that mean they want to distribute the fonts to said clients? Or is this an agency that wants to use the fonts with all its clients for any purpose?
  • James yes, an agency that wants to use the fonts with all clients for any purpose.
  • Something this open ended is somewhere between a brand license and a total buy out, so you're easily talking +20k per style. Chances are they're trying to make things really easy for themselves to manage (and sell to clients). Schedule a call with them and talk them through what their needs really are. Then call Frank.
  • Well to clarify for any extended licensing that includes a 'duration' period such as Broadcast… they would want no annual limitation.
  • Frank Martinez, Esq.? Lol
  • Yeah, it just seems unrealistic. It makes sense that an agency would seek that as it would be a best case scenario for them.

    If you price out a 'buy out' of unlimited usage for a single style for one client it can get really costly. To amplify that for multiple styles, unlimited clients, unlimited duration for uses that are priced by duration it just seems excessive.

    It kind of justifies why things are calculated per style, per client as how do you put a realistic price on such an 'unlimited' licensing scenario?
  • Yeah, it just seems unrealistic.
    It does, but some agencies have absurd piles of money to throw around.
    …as how do you put a realistic price on such an 'unlimited' licensing scenario?
    Call Frank and get him to do it.
  • Thanks James, I agree, time to contact Frank.
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    Ask for 25% above what you would change if this were a custom work-for-hire job, where the customer would own the work.
  • Thanks for the advice Ray!
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