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In everyone's experience with other forums, what's the best way to put up work here for review? I usually post some screen shots up on a Tumblr to show the progression of work from Cooper Type, so links could work. I just think gaining some consensus could eliminate unnecessary grievances.


  • PDFs allow to see the forms more crisp :)
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    Screen shots are good for very quick, broad info, but PDFs are much better for people who want to be able to examine fine details.
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    I would like to be able to post images intermixed with text, all on a white background.
    That way, I will be able to construct visual “arguments”, with all the elements, including type specimens/examples, flush left.
    For us, type is a visual medium.
  • I am going to look into the mix of images and text. What I need to figure out is if we can have wide images without wide text columns. 
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,284
    I think you will have to come up with a new concept/metadesign, rather than just Typophile sans Hrant.
    Forums and blogs are old hat, and the present layout is dull as dishwater.
    Facebook and Pinterest have more functionality and opportunities for posting interesting media.
  • Facebook and Pinterest have more functionality and opportunities for posting interesting media.

    I am trying to establish another place to discuss type before the existing venue craps out entirely. Developing something new falls outside my interest, expertise, and finances. I am not running a tech startup, and I do not have a staff of UI designers.
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    Facebook and Pinterest are great for what they are but they really limit the level of conversation that can occur, other than just "liking" something. What, to me, is great about the forum idea is that it allows for dialogue and discussion in a less limited environment.
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    Who's with CloudApp and Dropbox?

    They're easy: I upload this and inserted it here like this:

  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,284
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    I much prefer the revised look, and am enjoying the type tools!
    Image placed via CloudApp.
  • Yeah, this look is better. I was planning to stick with the old theme because I liked having the menus on the left, but I would rather just tweak a few of the blue spots in this one than all of the gray in the old one.
  • I like this blue theme and right menu :)
  • again, issues posting. basically, I use and love FB and Pinterest. a solid link between them and this board would be ideal for me.
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