control characters in name table

What control characters are allowed or considered so in the name table.

e.g. The description and license field might contain line breaks and tabs. Should that be windows or Mac line line endings?


  • The name table can contain seperate entries for Mac and Windows.
  • Georg SeifertGeorg Seifert Posts: 587
    edited October 2013
    Of cause you are right. The line endings should be converted.

    But that leaves the question with the other control chars. Are there other chars then tabs and line breaks that someone would use?
  • Grzegorz RolekGrzegorz Rolek Posts: 20
    edited October 2013
    Technically, the name table entries are just raw strings of characters in a specified encoding, so any character that’s considered valid in any given encoding should be allowed to be used. This, of course, doesn’t apply for critical entries like family name and the like, which have to meet certain assumptions for the font to work properly in various environments, but for a free form entries like license text I think it’s entirely up to a font producer.

    Unless you’re a font authoring app developer and you want to enforce on your users whatever you think is the most reasonable thing to do…
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