Help with FontLab activation

I migrated via Time Capsule to a new machine. When I launch the FL I have to introduce my activation again. When I add my info it show me this (see image)

At the help info on their website it says I need to remove/rename a .lic file that I am not finding in my Library folder.

I emailed FL but I need to use it as soon as possible and for sure before their help will come.

Any help????


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    [ Caveat: I don't have FontLab, so can't verify the location. ]

    It looks like the .lic file is supposed to be in either:
    Via the command-lline in, you can look for it:
    cd ~/Library/Preferences
    ls *.lic
      find ~/Library/Preferences -name '*.lic'
    The name will probably be something like "com.fontlab.*.lic", so you could replace "*.lic" above with that.

    If it's not in your user preferences directory, try looking in the system preferences folder (i.e., removing the tilde "~").

    Another directory/folder to possibly look:
      ~/Library/Application Support/Fontlab/
    There may be a subdirectory for FontLab Studio in there, as there is one for the beta of TransType4 that I tried.

    Good luck!
  • You could also try from the command-line (to locate the file):

    mdfind -name .lic
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