Licensing for Canva?

Today, I received a technical support request for one of my fonts: the user had trouble uploading the font to Canva. 
Now, this was the first I heard about Canva, a simple online graphic design suite that allows users to upload their own assets, including fonts. The user first has to click to confirm that they "own" the font, and then they get to pick the font file from their machine, and up it goes. 

For personal use, my EULA allows for installation on all personally owned computers. For commercial use, it's one license per user. 

I'd probably be OK if Canva made uploaded fonts only available to the license holder who uploaded it. But I understand that users can collaborate on Canva. That way, a font uploaded as part of a brand identity on a single license could be made available to untold numbers of users. 

Does anybody have any experience / opinions on this? 


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,627
    I would definitely make the user (or maybe even Canva) purchase a server license for this. As for technical support, that’s Canva’s problem.
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