Garbled fonts in SAP systems

Printing from within an SAP system causes the font Ingeborg to look garbled. This is a scan from a print-out:


Same letters are distorted in the same way, e.g. all a’s look the same. Some letters seem to be unaffected. The font looks perfect on screen. There haven’t been any problems with the font in other circumstances, be it on Windows or on a Mac, only printing from within SAP does not work. Different printers have been tried.

The font was produced in a FontLab/AFDKO workflow. Since SAP only accepts TTFs, the original OTFs were converted into TTFs using FontForge and autohinted using ttfautohint 0.92. We have tried different gasp table values, but to no avail.

Has anybody seen such distortions before and knows how to remedy the problem?


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