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Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 255
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Sorry for the personal question, but I have posted a new font on MF for black friday last year and it still has not gotten through. Anybody else experiencing too much backlog? is there EVER a time new products get posted in the same week? :/


  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,105
    is this your first release? MyFonts can take some time evaluating a first release but after you have been established it goes quicker.  Also, you had the holidays.
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 255
    This is my third release. Nov 23 was well before the holidays.
  • Did you specify the year of the black friday? o:)

    In all seriousness though, to me the quality of MyFonts foundry/designer interaction is the epitome of everything that is wrong with monopolies. When I do get a personal interaction the folks there are great, but systematically, their service is horrendous — for a 50% cut, especially. Are you sure they did receive and acknowledge your "release OK"?
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    I am looking at our gmail correspondence. First they found some problem, then they insisted I use their new Prosper tool, then the tool rejected me (I am not sure) because it is a drop cap font and there is no use in filling out te whole set (not to mention the Basic version has only the Basic alphabet)m then they could not find the font at all at somewhere in their system, disregarding what we spoke about three letters prior, then silence. All the while while MF kept sending me New Year promotions. I missed both Black Friday and Christmas!
    I guess I have been too naughty for Santa  :# :# :D
  • I am curious about the 'Prosper tool'. Is it a proprietary font testing software?
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 255
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    I am curious about the 'Prosper tool'. Is it a proprietary font testing software?
    Yes, it was presented to me in a beta version. Since a human(s) will have to check the font anyway, I do not know how it will save time for MF, but it is here anyway.

     "I'd like to invite you to be part of the beta test foundries while it is in final stages of development.""

    And all e-mails, despite varying tone, are from Mary Catherine Pflug, MyFonts Foundry Manager

    I have the darnest feeling half the teams there are just now starting to get the hang of their job requirements. This tardiness goes back at least to 2015. I understand they may be understaffed, but it does not take 15 people to dig a hole, every position should have a relevant number of people and manhours attached to it. This is not road repair.
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