VTT Version 6.31 release [Nov, 2018 ]

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Download is available here

What’s new?

Version 6.31 [October, 2018 release]

The following are the changes since the 6.30 [August, 2018 release] release of VTT:

Introduction of “follow gasp” mode where text displayed in VTT can follow gasp table settings. Previously, VTT supported editing of the gasp table but text displayed in VTT would not follow gasp table settings. The “follow gasp” mode is an optional mode where text displayed in the main windows, sample text view, waterfall view and char set view will render according to appropriate gasp table settings. For more details on this mode, see the updated help file, Using Visual TrueType: The Basics > Grid-fitting and Scan-conversion Procedure (gasp)

Various bug fixes.  Bug fixes including fix bug with importing glyphs from a “large” font, fix tag swap bug in TSIC table which is source table for cvar variation table, fix autohinter bug.

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