Free sites stealing/pirating your fonts for download

I've already had to send DMCA notices, but what a hassle against sites like UXFree and others, that steal your fonts from distributor sites and make them a "free" download. In one case they removed it and then a few months later uploaded the same font family, but with a different url.

Anyone else continually run into this and know of any better solutions?


  • I couldn't find a cost effective solution. Manually sending DMCA notices i out of the question for me as I have hundreds of fonts. Also, it's a lot of work to track sites that failed the initial "ask nicely" approach  or where the contact forms don't work. And as you said, the fonts usually come back a couple of months later. I've never seen any of the automated DMCA takedown services that had fees that would be feasible unless perhaps if it were for a dozen or so fonts.
  • Adam Ladd said:
    Anyone else continually run into this and know of any better solutions?
    Yes to the first question. No to the second.

    I've found that about half the sites will remove a font when requested, but as noted, it usually shows up again a few months later. It's like playing whack-a-mole.

    I suppose some consolation can be taken from the assumption that few font thieves would have ever purchased what they've stolen anyway.
  • I have a wordpress plugin that semi automates the process of sending dmca notices (you paste in the urls, the notices get sent automatically), but it's stopped working lately
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