Rywalka – a condensed sans, explored and extended

Following the thread about the S-shaped question mark, I hereby submit my project to your always helpful critique.
I am currently developing two cuts: Narrow and Wide, from which I plan to interpolate an intermediate width. Further plans include exploring the weight axis as well — the black weight (on paper) actually gave rise to the whole project.


  • Jasper de WaardJasper de Waard Posts: 301
    edited August 29
    The condensed cut is amazing (great g!), but I'm not so sure about the wider one.
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 185
    edited August 29
    Thanks. I agree. I am hoping the wide cut will spread wings in the bold/black weight, and maybe once that happens, it can have a good influence on the regular weight. (Meaning I might carry over some choices from the black to the regular).
    The unresolved issue is that the rounds (o, b, c, d, etc.) are implemented as verticals with curves attached at top and bottom, which creates the illusion that the curves bulge out beyond the vertical. I avoided compensating for this because I want to interpolate with the narrow cut. Besides, meddling with the structure of the wide cut's letters will pull it away from the condensed cut making them incongruent... Tough stuff I have little experience with. Anyway the main stars are going to be the Narrow and the Wide Black, which is out of the picture yet.

  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 185
    What do you make of this Preissig-inspired haček? Do you know of any existing typefaces drawing from this experiment?

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