OpenType Debugging Hell...

So I just spent many hours trying to figure out why I was getting a fatal error when trying to compile what should have been relatively simple OpenType code in FontLab 5. Usually FontLab at least gives you a hint with a line number, but no such luck in this case.

I double-checked every semicolon, every set of brackets, etc. until I was completely dyslexic.

I eventually stumbled upon the error, and I’m rather surprised that I did because it was one I would never have thought of: I’d given the glyph at uni2316 the working name “position”, which the compiler was interpreting as a command rather than a glyph name. Of course, like most normal people I normally use ‘pos’ rather than ‘position’ and was surprised that I even remembered that this was a reserved word, particularly given that this only showed up in a class definition rather than in the code panel itself.

Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive list of reserved words used by AFDKO/FontLab? I’ve been unable to find one.


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