Type.World Font Installation Protocol and GUI App

In anticipation of my upcoming presentation on Robothon 2018 in a couple of days I’m pulling the discussion about the font installation proposal from http://typedrawers.com/discussion/2431/proposal-for-font-distribution-installation-app/ over here and hard-coding this link into the app and web site.

See you all on Robothon hopefully.


  • The code is now licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. 
  • yanoneyanone Posts: 84
    I started adding issues to the GitHub repositories. For instance, two future features are listed here: https://github.com/typeWorld/guiapp/issues

    I invite you review the project.
    Pay special attention to whether the JSON API protocol fits all your foundry’s requirements for bundling your fonts and its metadata. Can your entire catalogue be reproduced using the available data structure?

    Any issues you have, please post them here or as issues in the respective repositories at https://github.com/typeWorld
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