Instagram adds TYPE mode to Stories

Another huge product/font integration this week after the Microsoft Store announcement, now Instagram Stories adds a "type" mode. Only 4 typefaces though.

Screenshots I took:


  • A good start.
    Any idea how the fonts were sourced?
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    Hi all. :)
    I'm coming here to ask for a little help with something about one of those new fonts in instagram. 
    I'd like to know what you think about the limits one has to deal with when designing fonts. I mean, when "inspiration" becomes a mere "copy" of your source. 
    I found that the font called Neon has its capitals really inspired if not just copied of my font Selfie. This font of mine is nowadays a best-seller and I understand that it could have become really visible to the world of type-drawers: I have seen it copied several times by people who call themselves lettering artists but just trace others work, in example. In that case I write to them and they kindly remove the images.
    But this went too far. Instagram is not an independant designer. Instagram is BIG.
    So, please if you can help me, I'd like to hear your thoughts, maybe you know more than me about legal issues. I'd be really grateful.
    I'm attaching an image for you to see the comparison.
    Curves are almost the same, only that Neon has less quality technically speaking.
    I don't know the process this type-designer followed, but I'm 100% sure he/she was looking at my font when making it.

  • If so, it's a poor imitation, for what it's worth.
  • I don't have much legal knowledge, but I think large companies like instagram are probably likely to try to settle outside of court, to avoid creating a scandal. You might be able to get a very tidy sum of money out of this, but if it's 'justice' you want, that might be difficult.
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  • Yes, it's conceptually quite similar. But the execution is generally different, and the concept is not an original one.
  • There is not enough similarity to accuse anyone of copying the other.
  • Personal opinion only

    They are surely a similar skeleton, but many details and proportions are different so I don't think there's any basis on which to make a claim. 

    Your own design doesn't come out of nowhere, it is based on historical precedents, and even if they are long gone from your eyes when you start to work on a black file or empty page, and the instragra designer was as you claim just looking at your work on the best sellers list for inspiration, ultimately you both drew on others work; "if we drew it then it's ours" is, in my opinion, a fair way to balance the sociocultural context with the auteur. 

    I also don't think this is relegated to the anonymous jobbing work of the ty-polatariat: There is an old erik spiekermann video where he explains looking at something, studying it, and then drawing "his version" on a blank page, is an approach he has used.
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    Actually, I saw Neon doing well a few months ago and thought hey, I should do a monoline script too. I started looking at old metal script type and doing tests based on those classic forms and gave up because I absolutely suck at scripts.

    Correction: I was looking at Cosmopolitan by Fenotype. I think monoline scripts are especially hard because it's really obvious if the curves are wrong. With thick and thin strokes I can probably do a better job of hiding my incompetence. I mean, look at Beloved by Laura really gotta know what they hell you're doing to make something like that.
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